Level 23

The Dying Level

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Level Classification

Difficulty 1/5 Level 23 is easily exited, and there are no threats in Level 23.
Entity Count 0/5 It is unknown if there are any entities within Level 23. Fawn sightings have been reported but not confirmed.
Chaos Gradient 1/5 Level 23 is consistently empty.
Basset-Frazier Index 0.667/5 Level 23 has no real value beyond a moment's rest.


Level 23 is a vast, empty void. Inside there is a single "pillar" of typical suburban homes set upon each other, continuing in either direction infinitely. Wanderers manifest within one of these homes when entering Level 23.

These houses perfectly resemble one another and can be accessed by climbing a ladder on the second floor that leads to the basement of the house above, and houses below can be accessed by descending the basement stairs to find a hatch leading to a ladder that goes down to the second floor of the house below. These houses can be ascended or descended indefinitely.

There are no supplies to be found in this level, and regardless of how many wanderers enter, there have been no recorded instances of wanderers ever encountering each other.

As one ascends or descends Level 23, radios can be found on each "layer". Once turned on, despite the lack of a power source, a female voice speaks over the radio, reciting the same speech for each wanderer who enters the level. However, each radio features only a segment, with the wanderer having to go up or down to play the next part. The significance of these recordings is unknown.

Various discrepancies can occasionally be seen throughout the houses of Level 23, with scratches or holes on the walls, and unintelligible shouts occasionally being heard from the outside.

Recording Transcripts

Each segment is recorded in chronological order.

The Backrooms are alive. It could be compared to a body- a body made of many organs, many nerves, many veins.

The veins of this body are shifting, changing. Blood may begin to flow in a new channel, forming a new vein as it burrows through the flesh. New routes and ways may form, new paths for the humors to flow through. This process will never cease.

But what happens to the veins left behind? What happens when the flow ends, when the blood leaves it dry?

It waits. It rots. It sits there, crippled, lying and choking on its own flesh and pus and stinking rot. It desperately tries to bring back the flow, craving the taste of the blood again, the ichor to flow through its many houses.

But it never comes.

And that dry vein, that infinite pillar, may begin to hate. It may begin to rage. It will grow angry, it will begin to tear at its own walls, screaming into the void as it demands to know what went wrong, why the blood stopped. And the why is never revealed, the how of it left unknown.

Do you ever wonder what happens to a world abandoned?

This world was something special, once. There used to be creatures and demons and nightmares in these walls, things to haunt you and frighten you and disturb you. The people would tell stories of what this world was. The children would quake when they heard of it. And now the children are gone. The monsters have long departed this place. Yes, it was dangerous, it was terrifying, it was disturbing, and few made it out alive. Yet those who did were stronger and faster and the world became that much less scary to them. And now it is empty. Now it is hollow. There is nothing to remember here. Nothing to fear. There was something in this world, once, and now it is only you and I. And you will soon be on your way. There are no more radios, no more recordings, no more ramblings. You will find only empty homes from here on. Empty veins that have long run dry. Goodbye.


Due to Level 23's nature, there are no communities. The scarcity of any resources to warrant an expedition make Level 23 more of an inconvenience when traveling to other, more valuable levels.

Entrances and Exits


Level 23 is entered via wandering through the tall grass and fog of Level 22. Eventually, wanderers will fall unconscious and awaken within the "living room" of a house within Level 23. However, entering into Level 23 is becoming rare, with increasing reports of Wanderers transported directly to Level 24 from Level 22.


Level 23 can be exited via the doors or windows leading to the outside of the house. They are locked, and these locks are seemingly unbreakable and unable to be forced. However, given that the doors and windows are made of what seems to be a weak material, they can easily be broken. While it opens up to the void surrounding Level 23, going through will cause you to fall for a brief moment before you enter Level 24.

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