Level 17

Restless Restaurant

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Level Classification

Difficulty 3/5 Entity swarms during the night section of the cycle and the disabling of certain mechanisms make this level risky to enter.
Entity Count 3/5 It is near completely devoid of entities during day cycles, but there is a large number of entities during night cycles.
Chaos Gradient 1/5 Gravity within this level is commonly affected in strange ways and instances of non-euclidean doors add to the instability of this level.
Basset-Frazier Index 2.3/5 Long term residence in this level is near impossible, due to the entity swarms during night cycles, and the possible dangers of consuming certain foods here.



fig 1.0 One of the many dining rooms in Level 17.

Level 17 is a collection of randomly segmented dining areas. The level — much like many levels of the Backrooms — is thought to span infinitely in all directions. The décor of rooms is inconsistent manner as they can vary from high-class dining to fast food style areas. Level 17 is quite similar to Level 6 in terms of how its food updates regularly.

Level 17, during the 'day', which lasts about 6 hours, the lights are on, and entity count is kept quite low. During the 'night', which lasts about a full 12 hours, all lights are turned off, — being illuminated only by dim red emergency lights — entity count rises greatly, and all food immediately becomes spoiled.

Any sort of clock or communication device, besides ones already present on Level 17, is rendered completely disabled within this level. Any appliance taken out of Level 17 seems to stop working immediately after being removed.

It is advised to not attempt and stay in this level for extended periods of time.

Dining Rooms

The dining rooms residing in Level 17 all differ in décor and size. It is also not uncommon to find a dining room with a different gravitational pull than others, in which only objects from this level will be affected. Only dining rooms seem to have this variant.

After the end of the night cycle and the start of a new day, all tables are 'served' a random meal with a card in front of each plate labeling it. Fresh drinking water, almond water, or Carpet Fluid also are randomly chosen to accompany the meal. Although it is unknown how the food is exactly updated. Any attempt at observing the food being 'served' is unsuccessful as the food always seems to appear when it is not observed. It is theorized that the level materializes the food itself as another source has not been found.

There have been multiple confirmed accounts of some dishes being labeled as "Smiler Steak", this has not been confirmed whether or not the label is true but it is widely considered false due to the current information gathered about Smilers. Other claims of meals being labeled as dangerous entities have also been made, yet none of these have been yet confirmed.

On rare occasions, you may come across a dining room with its lights off during the daytime of the cycle. These are considered traps and to be avoided.


Kitchens in Level 17 are usually much smaller than the dining rooms and can also vary in layout and décor. Kitchens tend to have freezers, fridges, stoves, and grills. All appliances seem to work indefinitely seemingly without the need for power or gas.

Within the freezers there tend to be meats of many sizes and varieties, although they are not recognizable and cannot be traced back to a known origin. The fridge usually contains bottled drinking water, almond water, Carpet Fluid, and occasionally juices and alcoholic beverages.

Rarely, a pantry can appear in one of the kitchens. The pantry is full of non-perishable canned goods that have been largely deemed safe for consumption.

Staff Rooms

Staff rooms in Level 17 can also appear, and are the only possible place an exit could be found. Staff rooms are singular rooms that resemble a break room for employees. These staff rooms can sometimes contain Office Terminals. Occasionally, another door will appear in that room which will appear non-euclidean to the geometry of surrounding rooms. This door will allow you to exit Level 17.


There are no known communities on this level due to its effects on mechanisms and the day/night cycle which hand itself for the difficulty of residence for extended periods of time. Though no known communities, it has gained a reputation as a large hotspot for those needing supplies.

Entrances and Exits


  • Level 17 can be entered by walking through a door with an exit sign in Level 16
  • Level 17 can also be accessed through the staff rooms of a food court stall in Level 14, yet there is only a chance that a door can lead there. There is no observable pattern in how these doors are selected, however, it has been confirmed the farther you travel within Level 14, the more common these doors become.

All entrances will take you to a staff room of Level 17, although no exit door will appear.


  • Level 17 can be exited through a door that can appear in one of the staff rooms, this will lead you to Level 18.
  • Level 17 can also be exited through a stairway that can occasionally appear and will lead you to Level 2.
  • Push-doors with bathroom signs found within Level 17 will lead you to Level 20.
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