Level 13

The Infinite Apartments

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Level Classification

Difficulty 1/5 Level 13 is very simple to explore and colonize.
Entity Count 1/5 A select few types of entities inhabit this level. However, these are rare.
Chaos Gradient 1/5 The entire apartment building is in a somewhat stable state, however rarely errors may occur, and parts of the level may appear similar to other levels.
Basset-Frazier Index 1/5 This level is one of the safer levels, and is recommended if you need a "buffer zone" to escape from the usual chaos of the Backrooms.

fig 1.0 Level 13


Level 13 has the appearance of an apartment building that has an unusual number of floors.1 Within each floor, there are many small residences, each with a number on the door. These numbers are in a system where it lists the floor, the section of the floor, and the apartment number.2 The current design of the building is similar to that of typical 1980's architecture. The walls in the hallway are white, and the carpet is of a brown, geometrical design. This design is consistent throughout all floors.

The main source of transport between floors on the level is the stairways that are located on each floor. These are the main means of intra-level transport due to the fact that all Elevators will take you to other levels, not transporting you through Level 13.

Computers can be found within some apartments, along with many other materials, so this level is very useful for supplies. You are also able to claim housing within Level 13, but you should be sure to claim housing away from any Clump infestations. If you want to claim housing, make sure to go down to the lobby first. The lobby is on Floor 0, and within it, there will be a single Faceling attending the front desk. This Faceling is unresponsive unless you ask for an apartment key. If you do, you will receive a random apartment key from this Entity. This key can be used to open up its respective apartment and can allow you to have an apartment on Level 13.


There are no known communities on this level. However, some apartment rooms have been occupied by wanderers.

Entrances And Exits


  • Entering an apartment building on Level 12.
  • No-Clipping through the floor on Level 11.


  • No-Clipping through the floor will cause you to fall down every floor. Once you reach the ground floor and noclip into the ground, you will find yourself on Level 14.
  • Following a rusty pipe will lead you to Level 4.
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