It's ya local Limrotted author Knaff!

Been doing liminal stuff for like, more years than is reasonable now — but I've been LOVIN EVERY MINUTE OF IT!

Father of the Crimson Limspace System and Carpet Bears.

Enjoy your stay!


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Age: 28 - Sex: M - Caucasian
Baseline Origin: Canada
Date Knaff Joined the Backrooms: 06/20/2020

Let's be friends ♥ This strange reality is safer if we travel together.

Writing and Designing.

CSS layout, Liminal story, and content dev.

Between the Backrooms and Crimson Limspace System I am quite busy making content for the site and exploring new ways to layout content through intuitive and visually engaging methods - while always making it mobile-friendly to view and (hopefully!) entertaining to read!

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Survivors of the Exodus:

> Outpost Athenaeum - (+15)
> "Attention Please" - (+19)

Through the intimate journals of Saffron's past do we learn about the bloody and chaotic history of the Backrooms. By remembering tragedies may we prevent them from repeating.

The Promethean Canon:

> The Oxygen Ocean - (+26)
> Report NULL - (+18)
> Leviathan - (+21)

What goes on beyond the horizon of our own perspective? Outside the realm of our knowability? We've been given a glimpse into the far-off unknown through the discovery of the Promethean Database. But, nothing comes for free. Not even knowledge.

The Crimson System:

> Crimson System Hub - (+23)
> Crimson Fields - (+34)
> Crimson Forest - (+25)
> Crimson Wastes - (+28)
> Cerulean Palace - (+21)
> The Emissary - (+24)

A realm of mystery and magic - set apart from Baseline and apart from the Backrooms. A frontier of danger and exploration for the bold and foolhardy, and filled with landscapes which capture the imagination with their stark and surreal beauty. Welcome home.

Other Works:

> The Frontier - The Halls (Re-write) - (+70)
> The Apartments (Re-write) - (+23)
> Carpet Bears - (+31)
> Cheshire Cats - (+10)
> Juna's Greeting - (+20)
> Maria and the Bug - (+14)
> Temporary Spaces - (+10)

These articles are more standalone. Enjoy them in any order and as nice little one-off reads.

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