Introductory Statement

Welcome to the Liminal Archives, the hub for all information concerning the unknown side of the multiverse. The brave souls who risk their lives venturing into the unknown to collect this data are known as Archivists. Be warned, this is just the surface.

We busy our minds with thoughts of the here and now. Faces, friends, places, and things sit solidly in our consciousness, solidly in reality. Other things sink beneath the surface, unconfronted fears, vaguely familiar places, and secret inner demons. These things exist too, adrift just outside reality, in places you hope never to tread. Confront your demons now, or perhaps maybe, they may confront you.

Outside what we so naively term “reality” lies the repressed side of humanity. Demons of the soul, places of dreams, the great unknown. They linger unbeknownst to most and wait to be disturbed by some poor, hapless traveler. Your place in life may be where you wish to stay, but the universe may see it differently.

Or maybe you’re here for another reason. Maybe you’ve come to seek these things out yourself. Perhaps you wish to escape reality, perhaps you wish to advance your knowledge. With danger awaits adventure, and with the unknown, discovery. For those who wish to leave the security of the modern world behind, come, seek out the gates.

Beyond lie worlds of wonder, forgotten places and endless mazes. Join us and see the true nature of that which is hidden, and in the world’s dark reflection glimpse truths beyond all sane comprehension.

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