Horror Contest 2022

Horror Contest 2022

The liminal world can be seen in many ways, but to most people it's unnerving… often disturbing. Explorers of liminality find themselves peering into the distorted simulacra of our homely comforts. They find what can only be described as upsetting.

To enter this contest, write any type of article that describes the horror, the creepiness or the eerieness of liminality. Consider… what do you find disturbing?

The contest is over!

Congratulations to AlmardukAlmarduk for first place with a rating of +7 on Lost Iumalsk. Congraduations to knaffladknafflad and for second place with a rating of +6 on Bloodpool Catwalks. Finally, congradualations to Nautilus98Nautilus98 for third place with a rating of +4 on Voices Of The Dead.
This contest was a bit hectic, with Wikidot getting shut down halfway through the voting period, but by all means the contest was a great success. No longer do we have a shortage of horror themes in our site.


Contest Entry Author
Tree Line BloofBloof
Mushroom Hole BloofBloof
Bloodpool Catwalks knaffladknafflad
Plastic Park Nautilus98Nautilus98
The Deeper Blue Nautilus98Nautilus98
Casa ArzeerArzeer and redgi110redgi110
The Rural Backroads ieatcrepesieatcrepes
Lost Iumalsk AlmardukAlmarduk
Voices of the Dead Nautilus98Nautilus98

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