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When individuals meet, they become a pair. When pairs meet, they are family. When families come together, there are villages. Within the Backrooms and other Limspaces, there are factions and tribes who serve their own interests — with varying degrees of interaction and politics among one another.

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Group Locations of Operation
Brotherhood of Lim Backrooms System
Prometheans Backrooms System

The UNCBBackrooms

- "United Nations and Colonies of the Backrooms"

The UNCB is a loose coalition of aligned settlements that reach across the Backrooms Limspace System. The united settlements of the UNCB are sovereign and self-governed like individual city-states — yet share knowledge, and research, and try to assist one another's survival through trade and support when they can. Some settlements of the UNCB are spread vastly apart, separated by the infinite space of the system, but are connected by being "on the grid", able to communicate to the rest of humanity through precursor Terminals.

The BOLBackrooms

- "The Brotherhood of Lim"

The BOL is a cultish group of fanatics who follow the lead of their miracle-working figurehead Volkov, who promises them peace and harmony and safe passage through the 'garden' of Limspace. They despise the fearful and indentured concept of class systems and the old ways of society — encouraging equality for all free men and women in the Backrooms, and, through terroristic infiltration, assassination and indoctrination they actively pursue the destruction of the UNCB's tyrannical enslavement of society.


- The Independent Freelancers of Limspace

Nomadic wanderers who have learned to survive across a number of levels, Porters make a living by travelling across the system trading with established settlements and the small pockets of humanity living in the shadows apart from the UNCB or any established faction. Porters are often entrepreneurial families who ply their trade as both a career and a way of life. To a Porter, the idea of growing roots and staying in one place of the Backrooms is a slow death, doomed to eventual destruction by the forces of limspace. Adaptability, knowledge, and experience across many levels is the only true way to live long-term. Porters trade secrets and information and map out the Backrooms in a secretive cant called Porterspeak.


- Lost Citizens of Antiquity.

Unfathomably deep inside the Backrooms, there may lie a metropolis: the greatest human city of any reality, known as Antiquity. The only evidence of the existence of this great city and its citizens, known as Prometheans, lies in the encrypted data of a portable hard drive that was discovered on a corpse in the Halls. For some, the hope of finding the lost city and reuniting with humanity is enough to keep living in the hopeless infinity of the Backrooms. Perhaps one day we will make contact. Perhaps one day we will be saved.

SeekersArchivist Group

Seekers focus on finding new knowledge to add to the Archives. They scour the wider dataspace for readable information that may have been added in the times before the Liminal Archives. They also look through real-world documents for accounts of Liminality that are only documented on paper (and, in recent times, on the internet).

Members of this group are closely connected with all other groups that contribute to the Liminal Archives, always asking them for more information that can be included in the database. Often, Seekers will forward unverified information they find to Visionist groups who often investigate the limspaces and thresholds in question, to verify the accounts, and to discover new details.

Seekers are spread far apart, and tend to work individually, but maintain communication with one another. They treat their work with scholarly reverence, and have to balance their time as Archivists with their real-world responsibilities, usually having traditional careers, and often having families to provide for.

In total, there are only about 30 to 40 members within the Seekers, and they are spread across the globe. In order to become a member, one must be a skilled researcher, and be accepted into the group by someone who is already a member. The group has maintained a stable membership for many decades.

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