Limconworm 2

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Difficulty 1/5 Fatalities are almost impossible unless they are intended. Damage can be sustained from staying in rooms for too long, but the signs are easily manageable.
Entity Count 0.5/5 None, save for the nursery, but whether or not it counts is up for debate.
Chaos Gradient 0/5 Always the same.
Basset-Frazier Index 4/5 Don't believe your eyes.



The bathtub.

The Home is a liminal space consisting of 4 rooms branching from a central bathroom. Its entrance is in a long-abandoned family home in Springfield, Massachusetts. To enter The Home, make your way through the dilapidated remnants of the surrounding building to the bathroom, where a filthy pool froths, smelling of decay. Step in and submerge yourself then immediately pull yourself out;1 failure to do so quickly enough may result in being pushed downwards.

Upon leaving the water the room around will be transformed - no longer cluttered and in disrepair, now clean and shiny, the air smelling of soap and milk. From the central room you will see 3 doors, 2 of which appear where there once was none. Around you appear colorful toys of coral and fishes, some floating on the water's surface, some sitting on the bottom of the tub. A shuttered window appears on the side of the bathroom - the view outside is documented in the Addendum.


A suburban kitchen, perfectly and luxuriously decorated. Entering said room will make everything appear larger - cabinets leer above your head and figures can be seen walking around busily. The sound of argument is loud, loud enough to overcome the clanging of pots and pans. Occasionally, a dish will appear, always edible. It is recommended to consume it if you can.

Staying in said room for too long can cause damage to your ears.



  • Quickly submerge yourself and leave the bathtub. Make haste.


  • Quickly submerge yourself and leave the bathtub. Do not hesitate.


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