Duoconkakjames 3

Dark stands on his porch, patiently waiting for James to arrive. As the wind blows on his face, he feels cold, alone, and anxious. What happened to his friend after all?

Dark: James! Is that you?

James: Yeah, this is me, come right in, you can sit in the front.

Dark slowly walks towards James's car, both lock eye contact for a brief moment, shortly after both look somewhere else. Dark enters the car.

Dark: This is pretty nice car you got there.

James: Thanks.

James: I'm just going to get the location address on the GPS app and we can go.

Dark: Okay, no problem.

Both sit quietly as James configures the GPS app.

James: Got it.

Dark: Cool, let's get there.

Both sit in silence, waiting to arrive at their destination. Dark tries to start a conversation.

Dark: So… James, how did you find my post? and the Night Walker forum in general.

James: I was browsing one of those shared paranormal experience website and found this forum. and about how I found you post, I went to the "new" section of posts and found yours. I was like: "Bro this man needs help". So yeah.

Dark: I see.

James: Another thing I want to mention, odd name your friend has. "Feranti", huh, pretty unique. Reminds me of a YouTuber I watch.

Dark: That's pretty cool.

James: I guess.

James: Just to make sure, I don't really trust these apps, we are near the villa right?

Dark: Yeah we will arrive in like 3 minutes.

James: Alright, I asked just to be sure.

Dark: No problem.

Dark: Here, find somewhere to park the car. I think there would be a good spot.

James: Okay, give me a second.

James finds somewhere to park, he expertly parks the car, as if it was nothing. Both sit there for a while. They open the doors and exit the car.

James: Jesus christ, this villa has been burnt down beyond recognition. You sure your friend didn't get caught in the fire?

Dark: Nah, he went to this villa after it burnt down.

Both walk the gravel and sand path leading to the villa. They're anxious to discover what happened.

James: How the hell will we enter this… thing.

Dark: I think the backside is still partially intact. Probably when the firefighters finally got to it; honestly, I have no idea.

James: Yeah makes sense to me.

James: Seems alright.

James: Well, The door actually opened really easily.

Dark: I think we should enter the actual villa, there doesn't seem to be much in this pool area right here.

James: Yeah, you're right.

James: Jeez man, this house is completely done. I wonder what the heck happened here.

Dark: Yeah, it's pretty burnt down. No furniture here as well, they probably gone when the house was burn down as well.

James: Eh, I guess. There's still that closet there.

James: I'm going to take a quick look.

As James opens the closet, his jaws drop. How could an entirely different space fit inside this normal-sized closet even be here? He freezes for a second.

James: W-Wha-What the hell is this shit?

Dark: What happened? Something wrong?

James: Come over here.

Dark: W-What?

James: Ok then.

Dark: This bullshit is just a copy of the villa we are in. Uh… I think we should leave.

James: Let's just make sure there's nothing else.

Dark: Okay, Fine.

Both enter the replicated villa.

James: Are you hearing this?

Dark: Feranti? This voice… Sounds similar to Feranti.

James: Let's head the heck out of here, this place is scaring the hell out of me.

Dark: Y-Yeah let's leave.

Both leave the villa and enter James's car. James drops Dark off at his house. He drives away while Dark stands on his porch, wondering if that voice was really Feranti's.

I guess that we are done with that, no need to have this up anymore.

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