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My friend have been missing for few month and weird stuff is happened, I need your guys help finding him.
Posted by: DarkZplays
19 Jul 2021 | 09:36:08

DarkZplays | 19/6/2021 | 09:36:08 | #10875469710

I want you guys to help me with something.

My friend 'Feranti' has recently gone missing after he was last seen leaving town. He never told
anyone including me why he was leaving town.

At first, Me and the rest of his friends didn't suspect him leaving our town since he always visits his parent who lived outside town. However, after Jack (one of our friends) had talk with his parents, they told him that Feranti did not visit them.

Now we know something is wrong. After contact with his relatives and anyone who knows Feranti, It turns out that no one knows where he is.

I and others have decided to call the police. After the police investigated Feranti's disappearance, the only evidence leading to his disappearance is his car that was found in the forest near our town 2 miles away.

The weird part about this is the only thing that was found is his car, and there is no evidence of him getting out of the car and no footsteps around the forest either.

Around two months after Feranti went missing, he sent me the address and picture of a burnt-down villa. Which I believe to be the location where he is.

The reason I posted this on Night Walker forum is because I want someone to come with me trying to find Feranti. I know this is not the 'typical missing person case' and this might be risky, be advised.

So I'm trusting the member from Night Walker who has experience with paranormals to go with me and find Feranti.

Someone please PM me if you gonna come with me.

DarkZplays | 23/6/2021 | 08:32:02 | #10875469710
I'm becoming desperate it has been 3 months since he went missing and no one answered me yet.
Please answer I beg someone, please, come with me.

Jameson_Rain | 23/6/2021 | 03:41:05 | #030302007
I'm sorry to hear that. PM me your address, I'm gonna coming with you.

DarkZplays | 24/6/2021 | 10:39:45 | #10875469710
Thank you so much! I just thought for a second that no one was going to answer me.

DarkZplays | 24/6/2021 | 10:42:02 | #10875469710
Is anyone else coming with us? If not, then it's just me and James.

Almarduk | 25/6/2021 | 15:34:54 | #671818635274354693
I can also go with you. I will PM you shortly just gimme a second

DarkZplays | 26/6/2021 | 13:40:07 | #10875469710
Sorry but I'm already in the car with James, and we are ready to go to the villa.
I don't think you will be able to come with us.

Almarduk | 26/6/2021 | 14:25:53 | #671818635274354693
Ah okay, I'm sorry for being late.

user not found | 27/6/2021 | 06:06:37 | #965032
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