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Difficulty 1/5 There are no dangers inside this limspace.
Entity Count 1/5 The only entity inside this limspace is the male voice with no physical body, which poses no threat.
Chaos Gradient 1/5 The layout of the villa never changes.
Basset-Frazier Index 1/5 This limspace poses no significant threat.



fig 1.0 The backside of the house at day.

The Door to Somewhere limspace is a modern villa commonly found in the wealthy sections of the world. Upon entry, a path consisting of a mixture between gravel, concrete, and sand leads to the villa, which is located in the center of the limspace.

The villa's architecture has been dated as being built in the modern-day. The villa has 2 floors, with an average size of 600²ft each. The indoor section of the villa has an estimated 1200²ft. The outdoor section of the house has a pool and a small area on the backside. The total area of the house is an estimated 1300²ft.

A daylight cycle is present inside this limspace, although the ratio between day and night is significantly altered; the night lasts for 23 hours, and the day only lasts for 1 hour, an explanation for this behavior has not been found yet.

The villa is isolated in a blue sky, any attempts to step into this blue sky have failed, as an unconscious stimuli prohibit one from doing so, even after being threatened with murder, an archivist was unable to step in the blue sky.1

Testing on the effects of this stimuli has been conducted, documented on the collapsible.


No hostile creatures have been found inside the limspace, even during the night. Although, a male voice without a physical body can be heard coming from various rooms of the villa. When entering said rooms nothing abnormal will occur inside of it. The voice is usually pleading for help, the source of the voice, and to whom it belongs remains unknown.



  • A threshold that is inside of a closet, inside of a burnt down replica of the villa found inside the limspace.


  • Exit through from the closet door you came from, which will manifest inside the limspace as a normal-sized door.


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