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feel free to criticise,and please do.

Object 7 (propose) by imapowergridimapowergrid, 09 Apr 2021 23:08

Heres the link to my sandbox

If you could tell me my mistakes or stuff to add/change that would be great!
The overall idea is based on the feeling of going into one of those dark aquariums,with their crazy fish and stuff. Another general thing is that this is where liquid ends up at in the backrooms.
Another thing-I don't know what number to use for the floor or what floors it links up to since I don't know what's being taken and planned. I have this floor,floor that comes before,floors that come after that need numbers.

DrainedWellDrainedWell 07 Apr 2021 08:25
in discussion General Discussion / Off-Topic » first

ha i was first swag

first by DrainedWellDrainedWell, 07 Apr 2021 08:25
Entity 3 Critique by BanachTarskiPdxBanachTarskiPdx, 05 Apr 2021 16:43

Carpet Fungus

Entity Number 3

Habitat - Level 3


Entity 3, commonly known as "Carpet fungus" Is a highly dangerous, Mold-like Fungus with a soft fuzzy appearance, sometimes seen with softball sized caps; resembling the fruiting bodies of terrestrial fungus, protruding from the area of growth. Entity 3 is capable of surviving in diverse conditions, they dislike direct lighting; preferring areas of partial to total darkness, and while they don't require standing water to survive, they do require moisture in the air to survive. while their means of energy production is complicated, they eat the stone and concrete that makes up the walls of level 3; leaving behind a smooth surface once removed, and produce carbon-dioxide and carbon-monoxide as a waste product, often making the areas they inhabit extremely dangerous if proper ventilation is not maintained. The fungus is capable of growing extremely quickly and if conditions are ideal it may grow up to 1 square meter of luscious growth in under 30 minutes.


Carpet fungus is extremely toxic if consumed, and consumption typically leads to hallucinations resembling symptoms of schizophrenia. These typically last for anywhere from one hour to five days following consumption, and in 89.5% of cases, the consumer dies of yet unknown causes. If the fungus is blooming it becomes exponentially more dangerous, as the fruiting bodies release a spore-like powder into the air at an alarming rate if disturbed by any form of contact. If these particles are inhaled by a human, they begin an infection. (see "Infection") If left to grow on human flesh, the fungus will begin to release toxic chemicals into the subject's body, killing it in under 15 Minutes if the area is not cauterized, or amputated. many of the fungus' adverse affects can be avoided by simply not touching the fruiting bodies or the mycelium that it produces. but if contact is required in any way, avoid any odd lumps in the uniform nature of the growth, as those may be growing fruiting bodies, still ready to release spores. it's also advised to wear breathing and eye protection, such as goggles and a cloth face covering around areas where the fungus is present to avoid any contamination of your body with rouge spores that may be floating about the area. Finally, if any area surrounding a settlement is infected with the fungus, it is advised to burn the affected area, as fire seems effective at neutralizing small patches of the fungus.


If a subject were to inhale the spores of the carpet fungus, they would begin to develop a "searing pain" in their windpipe and lungs, followed by a state of extreme euphoria, while the euphoria is in effect, the subject, does not acknowledge or feel the pain. While this happens the fungus is beginning to grow in the subjects lungs, forming hundreds of sacs of the spore-like powder, impairing breathing. This causes boughs of coughing to begin approximately four hours following infection. the state of euphoria then resides, and the searing pain in the lungs returns, causing further stress to the subject; along with instinctive hyperventilation, nausea, and shortness of breath. At this point the spore sacs begin to burst inside the subjects lungs, releasing the hallucinogenic toxin mentioned before into the subject's system, and the explosion of hundreds of thousands of spores into the air around them, possibly infecting more people. the subject will then promptly die of the earlier mentioned causes relating to the toxin, or suffocation due to the spores in their lungs. The infection is then likely to spread to other nearby humans, if the subject has not been separated from the rest of society.


unfortunately there are no known cures to the fungal infection, however the most common way to stop the spread of the infection is euthanasia, as this is a much preferred alternative to dying of the infection due to the painless way in witch death comes. following the termination of the subject, the body should be burned in a bonfire, or similarly hot fire to nullify the fungus growing inside the subjects body. this is typically done to halt the production of spores inside the subject's lungs, but it can also prevent the reanimation of the corpse. (see Anomalous Instances)

Anomalous Instances

Some cases of the fungus behave differently from the common form. For example one explorer had been lost for some days, and he was attempting to make his way back to a nearby camp. either from madness, or an attempt at suicide, he consumed several cm2 of the mycelium, and in the process, he inhaled spores from a bud. he shortly after passed out. when he woke, he found himself in a settlement estimated to be several hundred kilometers from his last known location, sleeping in a room that the owner says he had rented for the night.

Another anomaly happened very recently, two hours following the euthanasia of a subject with the fungal infection, he was reanimated, but still dead. this "zombie" was exhibiting odd behaviors, instead of attacking living humans, it preferred to stay close to them, but not attack. People surrounding the "zombie" felt a sense of calm, almost acceptance of death. the zombie was shortly after lead to an incinerator to avoid further infection. it may be worthy to note that the subject was euthanized by use of a firearm to the head, and many have theorized that the destruction of the brain paved the way for the fungus to take over the victims motor functions, however this is not confirmed.

Entity 3 : Deadly Fungus by ConnmandConnmand, 05 Apr 2021 16:37
Level 47
Ticket_207Ticket_207 04 Apr 2021 00:29
in discussion Writing / Drafts » Level 47

second tab, do your worst

Level 47 by Ticket_207Ticket_207, 04 Apr 2021 00:29


Entity Number: 0

Habitat - All Known Levels


Entity NULL has never been seen nor has anyone made contact with it/them. Since the first human found their way into the backrooms, this entity has been known to show itself in the corners of the afflicted's vision. It is unclear whether this entity is a cognitive, physical, mental, or spiritual being, meaning knowledge on this entity is limited at best, and non-existent at worst.


Entity NULL is what appears to be a white light in the shape of a man, though sources disagree. The afflicted seems to see only what they believe they see. Some reports say the entity is a tall white silhouette with no discernible features, while others say it looks like their father, or another paternal figure.


Entity NULL never makes contact with its host(s). It will always stay in the corners of the eyes of the afflicted. The entity will appear in the afflicted's peripheral and stay until its duty is done. This may last days, hours, or even minutes. After an individual's first encounter with Entity NULL, the entity will periodically pop back to the individual and "talk" in Morse code. It does this by entering the corner of the afflicted's field of view for spaced amounts of time. The time spent in the afflicted's field of view indicates Morse code. 1 minute intervals mean "." while 2 minute intervals mean "-". periods longer than that mean "space". The Entity has been recorded giving directions to safe spaces, other levels, almond water, outposts, and has given coordinates (these coordinates are the same for every individual afflicted). No one has yet reached the coordinates destination. It is never seen with full eye contact, nor is it captured by photography. This may conclude that this entity is mental rather than cognitive. Entity NULL has never made contact with anything, including the afflicted. The entity never talks or seems to hear any words spoken towards it.


Side Effect-1

S.E-1 gives the afflicted a sense of premonition and allows them to see their future only a few minutes and up to an hour ahead. This vision will lead to or protect the afflicted from their death. The afflicted will never know what is about to happen, they seem to either ignore their near death experience, or will die to the fate that was laid out for them as if the Entity doesn't want those who parish to continue.

Side Effect-2

S.E-2, categorized with an overwhelming need to venture further into the backrooms and continue to further floors, no matter the want of the individual afflicted.

Side Effect-3

S.E-3, categorized by a feeling of strong emotions. Further testing will need to be done to figure out what these emotions are attached to, but current evidence shows Entity NULL may choose the emotion based on the moral character of the afflicted (the weak hearted feel extreme fear, while the braver feel adventurous and ready for action).


The entity has been encountered by at least one individual on every level of the backrooms, even levels with no entities. As the entity is everywhere in the backrooms, and no harm has come to it or the afflicted (other than the premonition), it is of virtually no worry to the wanderers of the backrooms. It is customary to keep this entity a secret from newcomers and for them to experience Entity NULL on their own. The only official document containing the information about Entity 0 (NULL) is the one you are reading right now.

Wanderer's guild

There is no need to fear Entity NULL. There are no procedures for Do's and Dont's, as the Entity never directly causes any effects other than what is natural for the individual afflicted. Entity NULL is seen as unchangeable and inevitable. The Entity has met every wanderer. For those who receive its good fortune, know that the Entity is on your side.

Entity 0 (NULL) by InThe NeggativeInThe Neggative, 03 Apr 2021 08:29
Re: Level 12
HakcroomsHakcrooms 02 Apr 2021 11:12
in discussion Writing / Drafts » Level 12

It's interesting. The whole thing of it sounds pretty reasonable and interesting, It's good, I like it. But it does have some flaws. If the level is supposedly so dangerous full of entities and unstable the ammount of groups on the level seems a bit unreasonable. Also, If supposedly it was barraged with tons of radiation and still is due to no ozone. Howcome everyone on it only died ruight after it began? Wouldn't it make sense for people who hang around there too long to get radiation poisoning if they dont leave the level? Other than that it seems good. If it was greenlighted with this current text it'd still be good enough as the inconsistancies arent THAT bad. Though they could be atleast explained atleast if not changed a bit.

Re: Level 12 by HakcroomsHakcrooms, 02 Apr 2021 11:12
This is an article I made on a different Backrooms wiki. I did not steal it.

VizloxVizlox 29 Mar 2021 20:47
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Object 3

Interesting concept. It's one of those things that seem completely pointless to explorers until a veteran explains what they're about.

by VizloxVizlox, 29 Mar 2021 20:47
Re: Knaff Sandbox 1
VizloxVizlox 28 Mar 2021 14:07
in discussion Writing / Drafts » Knaff Sandbox 1

This tale has some really awesome imagery to it. There's a few lines here and there that are a little cheesy to me, but that has its own sort of charm to it and is ultimately subjective. The tale keeps a consistent quality and style which is what's important.

I like how the beginning sets you up to think it's another generic "I'm trapped in the backrooms!!!" story, but then it takes a hard turn.

One thing that is a bit too weird for me is the leviathan saying "little pet" at the start. The internet has ruined anything like that for me.

Re: Knaff Sandbox 1 by VizloxVizlox, 28 Mar 2021 14:07


This is bananas sci fi and I am all for it.
It’s a shame that we don’t have a good number of “normal levels” already set because this is so wacky and mind bottling and we’re comparing concepts of this scale to an empty canvas.

Really sets the bar for everything to be this grand.

One thing that I have a slight problem with: your presentation of confidentiality (while a solid trope that often works) I believe harms your entry in this case.

It’s the epic great Eye of God - you should present the full concept unabashedly and with blazing confidence, first thing in the article. Don’t post a mundane coverup entry before the real meat of the article - because the concept is solid and you should put it front and centre. But, that’s just my opinion. I think it would gain more traction if presented more confidently

Knafflad - Ohmeghon - Nostworks

Re: The Eye of God by knaffladknafflad, 27 Mar 2021 18:55
Re: Level 12
knaffladknafflad 27 Mar 2021 18:13
in discussion Writing / Drafts » Level 12


Dyson Spheres, Portal Shatter, the Eye of God. There is a *lot* to unpack here. I feel like I’m lacking a large amount of context and history - but I’m absolutely intrigued. There is a shit ton of content beneath the surface here and I can see that this level is to be used as a backdrop for a grand overarching story.

I didn’t comb through this with a fine eye for grammar and spelling but on first glance the concept alone is intriguing enough that I’d warrant a greenlight - to get the ball rolling and let the rest of the story unfold.

Are there drafts regarding how a Dyson sphere can exist in limspace or what the heck is going on??? Cause *grabby hands*

Knafflad - Ohmeghon - Nostworks

Re: Level 12 by knaffladknafflad, 27 Mar 2021 18:13
Re: Object 5
knaffladknafflad 27 Mar 2021 18:04
in discussion Writing / Archived Drafts » Object 5

shag carpet

I lol’d.
Austin Powers is in the backrooms

Ok but in all seriousness the object is neat and I *think* you’re alluding to it being the “blood” of Level 0. However I think it needs a bit more… well, More. You have the basic concept of it but it lacks an interesting hook or application or event. I’d say revisit this and try to squeeze out a few more paragraphs of content to make this a worthwhile object - however you see fit.

Knafflad - Ohmeghon - Nostworks

Re: Object 5 by knaffladknafflad, 27 Mar 2021 18:04

Hey, I think I read a really early draft of this concept before - but this is vastly improved on that early concept.

The Cheshire Manifold is really cool and you described it in a manner that I can easily visualize. If I were staff this would get a greenlight - no apparent spelling or grammar issues stood out to me.

Let’s get this on the site!

Knafflad - Ohmeghon - Nostworks

Re: Ageless Wood by knaffladknafflad, 27 Mar 2021 17:56
Knaff Sandbox 1
knaffladknafflad 27 Mar 2021 07:01
in discussion Writing / Drafts » Knaff Sandbox 1

Hey lads!

Got a tale draft that I'd like to get reviewed.


"I'm scared. It hurts. God damn it hurts. He's dying.

Yes. This is the fate of all things. I thought you wanted to see the truth?
Come, little pet.
O̵p̸e̴n̷ ̶y̸o̸u̷r̵ ̷e̶y̵e̷s̵.̵…"

A kinda strange entry that just spilled out on a whim. It's a sloppy jumble of backrooms themes, my Leviathan eldritch horror from TS, fun css text shadows, and a heavy heavy dash of existentialism. Absolutely not a light read - but not terribly long either.

Please review and, if you enjoy, greenlight <3

Knafflad - Ohmeghon - Nostworks

Knaff Sandbox 1 by knaffladknafflad, 27 Mar 2021 07:01
Re: Ageless Wood
LD69420LD69420 11 Mar 2021 22:24
in discussion Writing / Archived Drafts » Ageless Wood

Concept overall is good, the Cheshire Manifold idea is awesome and building on that idea more with the connecting realities feels Extremely backrooms. I didn't spot any egregious grammar errors, probably should just give it another once over with a fine tooth comb, but in my opinion this is definitely something you could post.

Re: Ageless Wood by LD69420LD69420, 11 Mar 2021 22:24
Ageless Wood by Generic3Generic3, 10 Mar 2021 22:13
Level 12 by Generic3Generic3, 25 Jan 2021 04:15
Re: Level 11
Generic3Generic3 22 Jan 2021 19:55
in discussion Writing / Archived Drafts » Level 11

I know I was involved in writing it but after so long of waiting for someone else to give this crit I'm just going to do it myself.

It is only comprised of residential structures

change that to "solely comprised"

The level is typically quiet, you will only hear the chirping of crickets and the occasional pitter-patter of carpet fluid dripping from above.

The level is typically quiet, the silence is only broken by the chirping of crickets and the occasional pitter-patter of carpet fluid dripping from above.

Black metallic pipes stretch across the cogwell matrix, these pipes contain carpet fluid and will occasionally burst open and rain down on the houses below.

Black metallic pipes stretch across the cogwell matrix, containing carpet fluid and occasionally bursting open to rain down on the houses below.

This section of Level 11 will rain down carpet fluid, which has been turned acidic by the sulfuric smoke, more frequently than other areas of Level 11.

This section of Level 11 will rain down carpet fluid more frequently than other areas of Level 11, made far more dangerous by the acidity it picks up from the sulfuric smoke.

Once you enter their territory, they will offer you a position at their factories and will pay you in rations.

Once you enter their territory, they will offer you a position at their factories in exchange for a steady supply of rations. Most wanderers, starving at this point, are forced to accept.

Attempting to traverse this barrier is considered pointless as it only leads to more houses.

Attempting to traverse this barrier is considered pointless, as it continues indefinitely.

Re: Level 11 by Generic3Generic3, 22 Jan 2021 19:55
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