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Re: lol
FxxxxxForceFxxxxxForce 21 Jan 2022 17:00
in discussion General Discussion / Off-Topic » lol

This is the worst joke that I've ever heard. Uhh… PLEASE GIVE MORE JUICE TO PRC

Re: lol by FxxxxxForceFxxxxxForce, 21 Jan 2022 17:00
Jackboi9Jackboi9 19 Jan 2022 18:08
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Level 24

Oh this one is nice! I like that it's different from usual.

Overall a very nice entry. Wonder when Level 25 will be made.

+1 by Jackboi9Jackboi9, 19 Jan 2022 18:08
Jackboi9Jackboi9 19 Jan 2022 18:04
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Object 5

it's very mysterious and has lots of questions, where did it come from exactly? what is it made out of? why is it red.

it's a little scary to think about.

it could very well be blood.

by Jackboi9Jackboi9, 19 Jan 2022 18:04
Jackboi9Jackboi9 19 Jan 2022 17:52
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Level 1

I remember when this level was Level 0, that was a long time ago.


by Jackboi9Jackboi9, 19 Jan 2022 17:52
Re: +1 by Walter bennetWalter bennet, 18 Jan 2022 05:51
BloofBloof 18 Jan 2022 01:03
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Level 14

Really good article, but I wish it went into more detail as to what exactly these "objects" are, and why they're so valuable.

by BloofBloof, 18 Jan 2022 01:03
Re: +1
BloofBloof 15 Jan 2022 21:15
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Level 24

Pot calling the kettle black LOL

Re: +1 by BloofBloof, 15 Jan 2022 21:15

S**t was meant to say the exit leads to level 31 (that large hole exit in wall with carpet fluid dripping out leads to level 31), need to update that

Re: Level 30 - The Staircase by LanxlotLanxlot, 15 Jan 2022 21:04
Re: A safe level? by Nautilus98Nautilus98, 15 Jan 2022 19:40

Ultimately, I can't +1 this in good conscience if it feels more like a trial to read than an experience. Your suggestion of fixing it by adding more dream elements and simply merging all the different sections of the play itself and the scribe's interpretations will either make the article a blur of content or basically incomprehensible. -1.

Edit. I was harsh, and at your expense. it's not right for me to downvote something of this caliber. you took on a challenge and executed it well. maybe i was just worried.

by BetterMyButterBetterMyButter, 14 Jan 2022 16:36

there should be an exit that leads to level 31

Re: Level 30 - The Staircase by jonononojononono, 14 Jan 2022 16:29

Level 30 - The Staircase

Level Classification

Difficulty 2/5 The level is claustrophobic, abnormally dark, and has few entities.
Entity Count 1.5/5 Has a few rare entities that are known to lurk in the shadows.
Chaos Gradient 2.5/5 Random holes with a non-visible bottom, light is absorbed by the environment more. Sound travels differently here.
Basset-Frazier Index 2/5 This level is relatively anomalous.


Level 30 is an unlit seemingly infinitely tall, square, spiral staircase with a large pillar going through the middle. This pillar is known to occasionally have wooden doors on it which can lead into small maintenance closets which usually harbour useful supplies for wanderers; however, these doors are known to sometimes have a flat concreate wall of the pillar they are connected to directly behind them. Sound travels differently in level 30, with noises sounding a lot closer than they actually are. Two wanderers reported being able to hear each other like they were only a single flight of stairs away, despite being an estimated 100 flights of stairs away from each other.


The environment in this level seems to absorb light, making light sources a lot less effective. Wanderers will have to watch their step as well when traversing the staircase as dark holes can be found uncommonly throughout the staircase with the fall distance of the holes undeterminable. Some of the walls in level 30 are cracked and degraded with a few large holes being reported to reach up to 5ft in height and length with a varying degree of deepness. It is not uncommon for entities to hide in these large holes waiting for unsuspecting wanderers to pass by. Luckily most seem to flee when exposed to bright powerful lights.

Level 30 is known to harbour its own unique entity known as “Charlie” this entity has only ever been heard and its physical appearance has not yet been reported. Charlie appears to only dwell in pitch black lighting and is heard mimicking a human weeping noise that can be heard from an estimated kilometre away with the volume heard neither increasing nor decreases as the wander gets closer or further away. Charlie is known to kill victims who fall asleep in total darkness through the process of asphyxiation. Charlie’s weeping noise when listened to causes paranoia and wanderers to grow tired at a much faster rate when being listened to. Charlie’s voice has also been reported to change, some have speculated it to simply be different instances of Charlie or the voice of the last victim.


There are a few known abounded camps found in level 30, the majority of which are small and long neglected serving as only a place for wanderers to catch some needed rest.

Entrances and Exits


Level 30 can be entered from level 29


The only known exists from level 30 are through extra-large holes in the walls that have carpet fluid dripping out. Falling through the holes in the stairs have been reported to lead down to level 7

Level 30 - The Staircase by LanxlotLanxlot, 13 Jan 2022 20:17
jonononojononono 13 Jan 2022 19:08
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Level 9

Glad it is still the same thing

by jonononojononono, 13 Jan 2022 19:08
VizloxVizlox 13 Jan 2022 16:11
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » No Man's Land

This is an interesting concept but the article wasn't very engrossing for me, personally. No-vote

by VizloxVizlox, 13 Jan 2022 16:11
Limspace idea
jonononojononono 12 Jan 2022 23:19
in discussion Writing / Drafts » Limspace idea

Difficulty: 1/5
Entities: 0/5
Chaos gradient: 5/5
Basset-fraizer index: 2/5

It looks like a preschool but glitches pop in and out of existence nonstop and can appear anywhere. Touching the glitches don't cause too much harm. The worst they do is make small lesions on your arm. The limspace is accesible from Area 1 (which i believe is the HQ of the oculus initiative) but the entrance is hard to find and to get out you have to go through the front door which will lead to Area 3. I was thinking this limspace could be Area 2.

Limspace idea by jonononojononono, 12 Jan 2022 23:19
jonononojononono 12 Jan 2022 22:12
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Entity 27

the pritoria was 2 but that was incorrect so i canged it to 3


by jonononojononono, 12 Jan 2022 22:12
jonononojononono 12 Jan 2022 21:54
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Entity 2


Sorry for the caps lock. I was just angry. :(

WHY? by jonononojononono, 12 Jan 2022 21:54
jonononojononono 12 Jan 2022 21:46
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Area 4

The original Summary was 2.667. This what incorrect so I changed it to 3.

To get the summary, add the danger rating, pest count, and chaos gradient and divide the sum by 3.

corrected by jonononojononono, 12 Jan 2022 21:46
Nautilus98Nautilus98 12 Jan 2022 04:10
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Bermuda

This was just a first draft idea. Didn't finish the threshold in time so I uploaded this one. I am currently working on a more story based version. Following the journal of a 1900's cargo ship worker as they and the rest of the crew get lost in this threshold. It will have mystery and will generally be better than this one… hopefully.

Thanks by Nautilus98Nautilus98, 12 Jan 2022 04:10
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