Fellerwrath Hurst

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Flora/Fauna Dangers 2.5/5 While the southern parts of Fellerwrath are devoid of predatory Beasts and ideal for hunting game, the northern half of the fiefdom is plagued with Sprite swarms, as well as the occasional Stiltfolk.
Natural Awry Phenomena 3.5/5 Weather is volatile and enduring, with violent thunderstorms plaguing the Fiefdom on a weekly basis and lasting days at a time.
Humanoid influences 3/5 Most parts of the Fiefdom are relatively safe as long as you keep your head down, but beware that all who live in the region answer to the court of Mabgift Hold in one way or another.
Ease of Traversal 1/5 The majority of the region is colonized, with easily navigated roads and routes stretching across the entire Fiefdom.

Moranoch-Shields Tally: 2.25/5



Borders of the Fellerwrath Fiefdom. Courtesy of Lawrence & Sons Cartography, Rumnar branch.


From "A Traveler's Guide to the Half-Tamed Wilds", pg. 17


The forests of Fellerwrath are seemingly trapped in permanent autumn, with rolling fog and pouring rain laying siege to the woods at almost every moment.


Here we see a structure rising above the trees in the distance, looming over the misty Fiefdom. The ominous structure in question is the uppermost spires of Castle Dusc, the seat of power in Mabgift Hold.


Taken by a piece of Human technology, we can see the Oubliette, a final destination for all who slight the mad Queen of Mabgift Hold.

> The Heart of Madness

It's practically unheard-of for one to not mention Fellerwrath Hurst and Mabgift Hold in the same breath. The region is ultimately defined by this infamous kingdom, whose reputation is that of lunacy and corruption.

Putting the matter of Mabgift aside, this Fiefdom would otherwise be an interesting place to traverse, albeit still dangerous nonetheless. The region is home to sprawling woodlands, deep lakes, winding rivers, and rolling hills, all of which almost permanantly blanketed by cold and humid weather. Frost and fog cover the Fellerwrath at almost every turn, obscuring the vision of travelers and leaving them with an icy chill running through their veins. Additionally, the region is a hotspot for all manner of storms, from rain and thunder to hail and ice. Whenever these storms strike (and they strike often) they are brutal, causing flash floods and starting small wildfires while ripping apart weak shelters or wooden structures. Most folk who decide to settle down in Fellerwrath are fully aware of these dangers, and build their homes from stone or into hillsides in order to brave the tempest.

As if the volatile weather wasn't sufficient, the region offers more dangers in the form of the aggressive wildlife. While this isn't the case along the southern parts of the Fiefdom, the further north one goes, the more predatory Beasts one can find. One species most commonly encountered in the Fellerwrath are Sprite colonies, which if you've read up on these creatures in the Guide's section on Noteworthy Beasts & How to Combat Them, you'd know that they are a species of sapient insect that, while initially peaceful and friendly towards unfamiliar faces, are incredibly temperamental and easy to anger. So much as a single slight against one of their kind will mark you as an enemy that must be slain by their hands.

With the discussion of the Fellerwrath's natural features and threats aside, it's worth quickly noting some details on Mabgift Hold. While in most cases I would encourage you to read further into kingdoms and nations for yourself, dear reader, this time around there is some information that must be imparted here and now: Mabgift Hold is not a destination for the faint of heart or mind. This kingdom has a reputation for a reason, and that is owed almost entirely to the ruling caste of Mabgift, the Court of Queen Mab the Undying. This caste of nobles and monarch is almost wholly insane, with many having lost their minds to the sands of time, or rather, their efforts to combat such a thing. As a consequence, the people of Mabgift Hold know nothing but life under this corrupt and certifiable aristocracy, and live their lives unwaveringly loyal to Queen Mab and whatever her decree may entail. It is a dangerous and boggling kingdom, reader, and not one to be trifled with.

> Tips to Remember

- Mind Your Manners

The key to survival in a place like Fellerwrath is knowing what to say, who to trust, and when to keep your mouth shut. Always have a few shiny trinkets or intriguing baubles on you when venturing north, as these items can be of great use in trade with the more "colorful" denizens of Mabgift Hold, and are especially valuable as gifts to build good relations with Sprite colonies. Remember to watch your temper, maintain a calm and friendly demeanor, and do your research before dealing with a certain group (as to avoid committing any cultural fallacies).

- Wear a Green Cloak

This sounds like an odd one, doesn't it? Well, if you're a Human, you might just find this rather peculiar tip all to your advantage. As previously discussed, Mabgift Hold is no stranger to, shall we say, illogical decisions of leadership, and one such example is a law passed quite a while ago by Queen Mab herself. This law dictates that no matter what a Human in the kingdom's borders has done, short of murder or offense towards the Queen, they will be spared harassment or punishment as long as the individual in question dons a cloak sewn from green cloth. According to Queen Mab herself, such an action "Shields the wicked from the eyes of all (of Mab's) subjects." One of the Queen's now late advisors has proposed that such a law exists to prove the trustworthiness of human visitors, as any who would know of the law have likely done their research and care about minding their behaviour while in the kingdom. So, in short, wear a green cloak when in Mabgift Hold, as it is one of the few ways to guarantee a degree of safety within their borders.

- Never Travel Unarmed

This one, while normally a no-brainer, is especially vital in as untrustworthy of a place as the Fellerwrath. While the unstable and awry subjects of Queen Mab are an obvious threat, and most are certainly aware of the dangers posed by predatory Beasts or the temperamental Sprites, there are some risks not otherwise all that common throughout the Half-Tamed Wilds. Many travelers have spoken at length about how the misrule caused by Queen Mab allows for bandits and brigands to fearlessly prowl the roads of the Fellerwrath, and these ruffians aren't especially known for their cowardice. Travelers shouldn't have much issue as long as they don't stand out or appear particularly wealthy, but if push comes to shove, you'll want a proper weapon on your person.

> Noteworthy Locales

Castle Dusc

  • Seat of power in Mabgift Hold, home to the High Court of Queen Mab the Undying.
  • Castle residents and surrounding villages total to a population of 7,000.
  • Besides Queen Mab, the castle is home to several noteworthy figures in the Half-Tamed Wilds, such as the jester of Castle Dusc, the Hellequin.
  • Virtually serves as the Captial of the entire Fiefdom, with hundreds of the region's citizenry visiting the castle daily to seek aid from the Court.
  • One of the few places on the continent where one can find a sizable population of Blurrs.

Reasons for visiting: Dangers aside, this is a surprisingly good place for one to hide, given few travelers would dare visit the place. If you go here, best to stick to the villages nearby and steer clear of the castle proper.

The Oubliette

  • A massive sinkhole on the outskirts of Mabgift Hold, used to imprison criminals or enemies of the High Court.
  • Home to around 200 prisoners at any given time, with a guard force of about 800 patrolling the surface.
  • Inside the sinkhole, several cliffs and outcroppings line the pit for the entirety of its 400m descent.
  • The upper levels are accessible by the surface and home to a few shops and homes, even despite Queen Mab's knowledge of this flaw in the Oubliette's security.
  • Those who fall to the lower levels and survive are usually never seen again, as most wander into an unexplored cave system lying further below.

Reasons for visiting: If you can slip past the guards, you'll find a black market in the upper layers that may have some items of interest. Otherwise, avoid at all costs.

Nettlethorn Hideout

  • This secretive town is a haven for all sorts of criminals, brigands, and mercenaries in the Half-Tamed Wilds.
  • Inhabitants come and go, but the population tends to rest at a minimum of 12,000.
  • Home to one of the largest underground markets in the Middenground, where all manner of illegal goods pass through.
  • Hidden somewhere along the coast towards the easternmost parts of the Fellerwrath, presumably the furthest from Queen Mab's influence as possible.
  • Has a fairly busy harbor where travelers can book passage across the Oern Sea.

Reasons for visiting: Good place to stop if you're looking for more shady resources, need to hire a mercenary, or are hoping to travel across the Oern Sea.

> Kingdoms Present (And How to Deal With Them)

Mabgift Hold

  • Not many reasons to visit, so steer clear if you can.
  • Make sure you know the laws of the kingdom going in, and try not to anger anyone who seems important.
  • If Human, purchase and don a green cloak before crossing into the kingdom's borders.

Puppet Nations of Mabgift Hold

  • Most consider these kingdoms part of Mabgift Hold, as functionally that's all they are. Same rules from above apply here.
  • Little to no guards patrols the roads in these kingdoms, so beware of bandits.
  • Most of the citizenry in these nations are more stable and trustworthy, so you can afford to lower your guard a bit.

(NOTE: In case of any confusion, Rumnar is not part of Fellerwrath, but rather in a neighboring Fiefdom.)

> Neighboring Fiefdoms & Phase Points

Fellerwrath Hurst borders the following Fiefdoms: the Moorich Woods to the South, the Wailing Reach to the Southeast, the Mire of False Men to the East, the Sullen Coast and the Oern Sea to the North, Dolorous Snarl to the Northwest, and the Fields of Ill Omen to the West.

There are two known Phase Points in the Fellerwrath:

  • Somewhere in the cave system beneath the Oubliette, there is a pool of black water that gives off an eerie glow. Submerge yourself in the water, and you should successfully phase to the Fehrgit Tundra.
  • In a clearing about 80 miles due east from Castle Dusc is a marble archway shrouded in a faint green mist. Walk through the archway and you'll successfully phase to the Covert of Histories.

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