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Image of the sky of Erysichthon taken by Association Client Lily Guo after around 178 hours of constant exposure. Note the lack of movement of "stars" in the shot as well as file compression and artifacts due to the inconsistent method of extracting files from the space.


Erysichthon1 is a malformed system; an infinite space with ground formed from a fleshy pulsating substance constantly secreting a bitter, slightly acidic fluid. Dotted sparsely around the infinite planes of meat beneath its dim, crimson sky are various liminal spaces that it has absorbed. The altitude within becomes lower as you head towards its center.

The system is constantly expanding, absorbing, and integrating liminal spaces all throughout existence into its flesh; the cause of this is unknown. Spaces absorbed slowly travel inwards, disappearing towards the center, breaking down more and more the closer they travel.

Because spaces Erysichthon "consumes" maintain most of their properties somewhat, it has been classified as a system despite technically being one unbroken space.

Integration of limspaces occurs in a series of 3 distinct phases:

Phase 1: Occurs prior to integration. The space undergoes a noticeable uptick in instability; flecks and swirling clouds of light begin to appear within.
Phase 2: The space connects to Erysichthon and aspects of said space that may have prevented an individual from simply walking out (walls, infinite space, etc.) begin to break down, now leading to the inside of Erysichthon. At this point, the space is considered part of the system - classification of the space will then be moved to this page's supplemental materials.
Phase 3: The space fuses into Erysichthon's flesh. In this stage, the space begins to be moved towards the center, growing more and more unstable as it approaches it. After a space reaches phase 3 it is only a matter of time for it to break down fully until it eventually disappears forever.


It is recommended that all liminal explorers read this file and be able to recognize the signs of "consumption" by Erysichthon - failure to do so may cause entrapment within its infinite landscape. The best way to survive is to be educated on how to avoid it. The most telltale signs of "consumption" are easy to spot. If a space has glowing flecks, swirls, and clouds of light floating within it, appears to be breaking down, or is becoming more chaotic, exit immediately and contact the Turner Association's human resources line at 1-981-029-19772 or inform your local Association branch.

You cannot leave Erysichthon once you enter but communication to the outside world is possible through radio and other forms of wireless communication. File transfer has been achieved through computer terminals but is inconsistent at best. Terminal effectiveness appears greatly hampered.

Survival is possible by scavenging the remains of the spaces "consumed" by Erysichthon. However, due to the sporadic and unpredictable nature of "consumption", to even have a chance at survival requires heavy planning and preparation. Sadly, the vast majority of individuals who enter do so without knowing the fresh hell they are walking into, leading to their likely demise.


Due to the nature of Erysichthon, entrances to the space change over time and are too numerous to count. Below is a list of notable entrances. For safety, exact entrance locations are not listed.

Space Entrance Location Short Description CL3
"The Clocktower" Wales, United Kingdom A large structure filled with gears and other assorted mechanisms that have long since ceased motion. Despite this, a large clock face, bent out of shape by the "consumption" process, ticks erratically at the center of the structure. The walls of the Clocktower have long since degraded, making it easy to access the space outside. Small flecks and clusters of light slowly move about in the space, swirling around a central point. 2
"Minnesota State Park" Minnesota, United States A flat expanse of forest spotted with rivers that seem to start and stop completely randomly. Numerous park ranger posts dot the expanse, their location changes randomly and their construction is obtuse and nonsensical. They're manned with "rangers", humanoid entities wearing park ranger outfits. Once, they were highly aggressive towards humans, but now they simply stand, not moving or caring. Tiny balls of light dart around like fireflies, seemingly orbiting around a single point. The fruits that grow on the pines are edible. 1
Sections of the "Ageless Wood" N/A Dotted around Erysichthon are forests similar to descriptions of the "Ageless Wood". "Consumption" has apparently taken parts of other universes with it, accessible through entering the section and getting lost. The forest's effects have not decreased in severity but instead, increased with "consumption" - its inhabitants are permanently stuck within, doomed to be lost for all of eternity. Depending on which section is observed, observers can watch an individual be affected by an event that hasn't happened yet, kill themselves in the past and survive, exist in all spaces in the section of the forest all at once, and not exist at all within the span of a few minutes. Existing sections are constantly increasing in size and new sections consistently occur at random intervals - effects in the Ageless woods have not yet been reported. 1-10
"The Nursery" Santa Cruz, Argentina A large, rotting complex similar to that of an Argentinean orphanage. Friendly pictures of flowers and bees line the rotting walls which peel and blister under the sunless sky. Water can be scavenged from the faucets, and food can occasionally be found in the pantries. The construction of the complex appears to not make any spatial sense, oftentimes with two or more locations occupying the apparent same space. Clouds of glowing dust and particles of light phase through the walls as they rush around the space. Entry into Erysichthon can be achieved through one of the many holes in the walls. 6
A Barn Unknown A red wooden barn, built in a style common to that of the Southern United States. It appears to be solidly built into Erysichthon, its foundation laid deeply into the flesh. No extranormal properties have been observed. This has raised much concern. 1

For a more comprehensive list of more spaces "consumed" by Erysichton contact baseline Archivist and Turner Association client Rolf Kingston at at.tneilc|1002notsgnikr#at.tneilc|1002notsgnikr.


Venture 1: "Forbiddance"


Costs: HIGH

Priority: HIGH

Venture Description: Entry to Erysichthon is currently blocked. The Turner Association is to cooperate with contributors to the Liminal Archives in the documentation of limspaces consumed by Erysichthon and the closing off of entrances to said limspaces.

On 4/2/2016, Turner Association Client Lily Grace Guo decided that she would dedicate her life to aiding the collective in preventing further tragedy - as of now, she is still within Erysichthon, quietly mapping out its stomach and informing the Association of spaces that have fallen victim to its gluttony. Positive connections with Guo are to be maintained; communication with her is to be done daily. Supplies are to be regularly given to Guo through the ███████ ██████ Liminal Space.

Costs incurred by this procedure are necessary in preserving public relations with the liminal-aware populace. A copy of this file and an associated file documenting various entrances to Erysichthon are to be donated to the Liminal Archives - the former with partial redactions, and the latter given only with confirmation of full restriction.



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