Entity 6

Helium Monkeys

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Entity Classification

Aggressiveness 2/5 Will hunt and torture human prey if they get the chance, but won't attack first unless provoked.
Rarity 3/5 Helium Monkeys usually inhabit levels that resemble barren office spaces, so that they may consume fluid from the ceiling tiles, making them semi-rare.
Intelligence 3/5 Intelligence is similar to that of baseline chimpanzees, though tool-crafting abilities have been noted.
Pritoria Index 2.6666/5 Though they can be avoided regularly, these entities are highly dangerous in most survival situations.


fig 1.0 Sketch of documented entity above.


Entity 6, otherwise known as "Helium Monkeys" are sentient entities that inhabit the Backrooms, resembling that of Earth chimpanzees. A major difference from baseline chimpanzees is their abnormally-tinted fur. The reddish tint presumably originates from the carpet fluid they consume on a daily basis, which drips from the ceilings of multiple office-themed levels. Helium Monkeys have evolved in order to consume the caustic carpet fluid. Helium Monkeys have also been spotted having previously mentioned variations in fur pigmentation, such as a white stripe lining their backs (See "pack leadership" below.)


The entities have been observed to be crudely intelligent, just like chimps in the Baseline. Due to this intelligence, they experience emotions eerily familiar to humans. This leads to similar bonding with family members and loved ones in their respective tribes. Helium Monkeys move together in packs, although strays have been observed out in the wild. If a stray is of juvenile origin, the pack will adopt it into the tribe, if otherwise, they will beat it to death.

If a pack of chimps approaches you, it is advised to flee. The unforgiving habitat of the Backrooms has turned them into nomadic savages, similar to Neanderthals during prehistory. They have been observed to sadistically play with their prey in various ways, such as primitive torture.

Packs determine a leader by the genetic marking of abnormal skin pigmentation on a chimp's back that they were born with. This is likely due to the chimps seeing abnormal fur as being of superiority in their race. Leaders may receive more food rations from tribe members, as a form of devotion.

Note that war has been observed between tribes, and getting caught in the crossfire is usually not recommended. If you do happen to be caught in it, however, try to remain calm and seek shelter.


They share the same skeletal and genetic structure as Baseline chimps, leading to multiple evolutionary benefits. This makes competition between wanderers and chimp's an ongoing battle. They have been observed stealing resources from outposts.

The chimps have been observed floating close to the ceilings of office levels using special helium-filled glands on their backs known as Floater Pods. These pods allow them to stick to the ceilings of levels by expressing air into these pods via back muscles. They usually drop down to catch prey while hunting, making watching the ceilings while exploring very important. Additionally, these glands allow for easy finding and consumption of carpet fluid.


The first recorded account of these entities appears to date back to the 18th century, from a field journal recovered during a past expedition. The journal has notes regarding the creatures and how they work in the wild.

Few other accounts exist other than chicken-scratch from mauled victims, making the journal mentioned above the most creditable and trusted source of documentation for these creatures.

Survival Guide

The easiest and most effective way to survive an encounter with a Helium Monkey is to run away and not draw much attention to yourself whilst doing so. Most of the time this will deter a Helium Monkey from your general location. However, if a Helium Monkey persists in its efforts to attack you, then violence may be required to fend off the creature(s). They are still capable of mauling wanderers, as they still retain the strength of a Baseline chimp. A simple push or shove should allow you to fend off the entities, as they are rather frail in comparison to human strength.

If you encounter an Alpha Helium Monkey, as indicated by a white stripe along its back or other abnormal fur variants, it's advised not to fight it. Doing so will usually grab the attention of the entire pack, this could lead to considerable dangerous outcomes. The best way to deal with an Alpha is by losing the creature via fleeing.

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