Entangled Batteries

Entangled Batteries

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Entangled batteries are paired electrical connectors that function as effectively infinite extension cords with a limitless capacity for power. The connection between entangled batteries seems to be unbreakable, persisting even across liminal space. A typical pair will have one end remaining within Electrical Station to extract power, while the other can be found throughout the Backrooms and supposedly beyond, each one connected to its twin to power lights, ventilation, and equipment. These batteries can be extracted and refitted almost anywhere, provided they are properly removed and installed.

Each pair of entangled batteries is marked with a unique symbol, identifying them as being from the same couple. These symbols are fractally generated, not unlike snowflakes in appearance, and possess incredibly fine detail.


Entangled batteries are utilized in transmitting high amounts of voltage, with an apparently limitless capacity as far as can be tested. The connection itself is superconductive, having a measured voltage drop of 0, meaning that no energy is lost whatsoever in the transmission process. The potential for entangled batteries to be used in constructing a lossless energy grid is enormous, and so the item is considered extremely valuable for its industrial applications. However, it is incredibly difficult to find and complete a matched pair, and the batteries are practically worthless without their twin.

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