Voices of the Dead

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fig 1.0 A typical Voice Of The Dead.

The sharp whisper from the long-perished warns of something just beyond the corner. Without mentioning what exactly it is past the bend, the voice continuously details the peril that awaits anyone who turns the fold. While the whisper might be of ill intent, it knows the path of death for it was birthed through it. The Voices of the Dead ring from the hollow skull telling of their misfortunes and those that have yet to befall any who listen to their cries.

Voices Of The Dead, Troubled Heads, and Warning Skulls are all names given to the rare objects that take the appearance of human skulls found throughout multiple limspaces. The skulls call out throughout the empty rooms of their resting place for anyone to find them. They cry out for help not because they need it, but because they hunger.

When held, the Voices will begin whispering about the dangers of their surroundings. The skulls warn of limspace hazards, entities, and even the wanderer's own thoughts in vague and sometimes poetic messages. Since their warnings are cryptic, heeding them is quite hard. Over time, wanderers can become familiar with the abstruse nature of the whispers and avoid dangers with their help. Those wanderers are known to become dependent over time. Paralyzed by vigilance, they will only act after hearing the whispers' warnings, even when no trouble would possibly befall them.

The voices continue to foreshadow the wanderer’s demise up until the end. Eventually, once the wanderer dies, the skull with them cries out again for aid. Yet, something has changed: a new voice wails with it.


Every instance of Voice of the Dead that has been recorded has spoken in different voices and with different lines for the same scenario. Below are a collection of warnings.

"You may not have heard it… but it heard you."
"It is waiting."
"They are lying to you."
"You are lying."
"The house hungers."
"Watch your step."
"Time is running out."
"You should be afraid."
"Running is your only option."
"You are not alone."

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