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Entity Classification

Aggressiveness 1/5 The tulips replicate the behavior and movements of wanderers, and so only attack in retaliation.
Frequency 3/5 Tulips can be found in the majority of levels.
Intelligence 1.5/5 The tulip’s intelligence and attributes depends on their age.
Pritoria Index 1.333/5 Despite their unremarkable appearance, tulips are still capable of severe if not lethal harm.


Throughout the halls, it's believed that children who have died within the backrooms, comes back as a haunting spirit. They wear the same clothing, as well as have the same features when they first died. However they also have distinct navy-blue skin, deep eye sockets, and an empty, void-like mouth.

Tulips usually do not reside in the same area for too long before wandering to a new location. and will mimic their movements like a puppet. Recently, video files have picked up the sounds of light footsteps, and quiet whispering. However, nothing appeared on the screen until seconds later when a tulip slowly faded into the area, out of thin air. This means that tulips have the ability to stay hidden by becoming completely transparent.

This entity's jaw can extend 0.3m long, and 0.1m wide. Within the mouth, lies a small mass of eyes, surrounded by a black void. These eyes seem to have their own distinct emotional tone, which seems to become more apparent once stared at.


Tulips act as docile entities until provoked. This includes attempts at making physical contact, entering their line of sight, or making a large quantity of noise. Once provoked, the tulip will mimic your movement at a slightly faster pace. When close enough, they'll hop right into your face and will release a deafening scream that'll typically scare the living Christ out of the affected wanderer.

When a tulip has been offered a lily flower, they will become friendly and may act as a traveling buddy. Due to their violent screams, and disturbing features, they're able to scare off a few hostile entities away from attacking you. However, if outnumbered or overwhelmed, the tulip may flee away from the scene. This causes the tulip to see you as just another wanderer, no longer being a friendly, traveling buddy.


Tulips were originally discovered by a retired photographer in the Cramped Caves.

Survival Guide

Despite their childish appearances, they're still very dangerous and can be potentially life threatening. Below are some tips on how to work around and/or counter the tulips.


  • In order to avoid the tulips, you must stay out of their line of sight. This includes their peripheral view. Despite not having eyes, their vision appears to work slightly worse than the average human.
  • If you ever get copied, distance yourself away from the tulip as fast you can. Their eyes can't reach long distances, so they'll soon forget about you.
  • If one is blocking your way, the best way to scare them off is to violently approach them in a scary demeanor. This will cause them to immediately flee the scenes, and will most likely stay away from that spot. The 2nd best way is to suddenly make a large amount of noise, like a yell or scream. This also causes them to flee the scene.
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