The Void
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Level Classification

Difficulty 5/5 Due to the level being a spacious and pitch black environment, it's very easy for darkness-dwelling entities to survive.
Entity Count 0/5 N/A
Chaos Gradient 5/5 The Reality warping proprieties makes it extremely easy to lose your grip to sanity.
Basset-Frazier Index 3/5 Due to its extreme size there is most likely livable zone.The real problems come from the mind.


The Void is a extremely anomalous place.It is theorized that you are not actually meant to get there.Almost like a mistake in reality, It's almost like the end of the multiverse.What is after the barrier keeping us in reality.
Because of this reality starts to distort and bend. Sometimes this may help you, Other times this may tear you to shreds.The farther you walk to more reality distorts and that allows you to manipulate reality slightly in a given area. Because of this you may even be able to Walk on air. Being able to distort and alter reality allows you to do many things like create a temporary level around you.
But because reality distorts it also means it could work against you.This could mean a variety of things.
Making dangerous entity's, Altering it so there is no air to replenish you, Even just plain out wiping you from existence.
The Void is pitch black with no light besides a glow from concentrated light every so often.Because it is pitch black and has a distorted reality, Extremely dangerous entity's can appear.
The way you can warp reality is when you get a hold of Concentrated Darkness The name given due to the effect it has to absorb all light. The steps on how is unknown but the general premise is when you get far enough reality starts to get weird. And how you can take advantage of that is with Concentrated Darkness along with Concentrated Light. The Darkness will attempt to absorb the light but the light will attempt to absorb the darkness and in this processes it creates Rift Matter Which allows you to slightly alter reality and if your in very weak spots of it you can completely alter reality which could get you a portal out of the void. Although it is very hard to even wield Rift Matter.



Due to the mental instability this segment causes there is no forms of human life.

Entrances And Exits


It is supposedly impossible to enter the Void. But your best bet is to go the most reality warped level reach the eternal sky and just keep going. Could be for a couple miles could be for millions.


If your in the void and your lucky, Reality may distort enough for you to create a temporary portal to another random level.

Initial Response

Dr. Isac: //Do You Copy? This is Dr.Isac Bode contacting you from outpost #2

Exploration Unit 3: I Can hear you loud and clear.I am booting up the systems of the M.B.D

Dr.Isac: Great, All systems on our end are active and we are ready to deploy the drone.

Exploration Unit 3: Alright Sending the drone out now….May i ask, What are you trying to do?

Dr.Isac: Well i guess you would wonder.

Exploration Unit 3: I am going to have to cut you off here, We have interference with the drone.

Dr.Isac: What do you mean? Like another person messing with it?

Exploration Unit 3: Yeah it seems like somebody is launching a EMP, Not a very good one though.

Dr.Isac: Wait I think i know whats going on.We must be reaching the eternal sky.

Exploration Unit 3: Your telling me it makes everything static?

Dr.Isac: I believe so.

The Men fixed the drone and continued on for a month unfortunately Dr.Isac is not available due to injuries from an explosion trying to create another drone.

Exploration Unit 3 Captain: Alright men keep it moving we better find something.

Loud cry's can be heard from the distance…

Drone Driver: Uhm… What was that?

Unit 3 Captain: I have no idea.

Drone Driver: I think i see something…?

Unit 3 Captain: What in the hell…

Drone Driver: This isn't right…this is no entity seen before…

Unit 3 Captain: May the gods bless our souls.

Additional Information:

M.B.D (Multi-Level Backrooms Drone)


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