The Dark Village

The Dark Village

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Level Classification

Difficulty 2/5 Endless resources make this level habitable, though with some dangers present.
Entity Count 3/5 Moderate amounts of entities may be found.
Chaos Gradient 1/5 Minor glitches may occur. They only present themselves as changes in wallpaper or floor design.
Basset-Frazier Index 2/5 This level can be dangerous with minimal anomalous properties. This level remains habitable.


The first picture taken in The Dark Village.


The Dark Village is a limited space, resembling a modern German village. This level has no daylight cycle and remains in everlasting night. The village itself and its surroundings cover approximately 5 km^2. In this area, you will find: various housing units, pathways, gardens, a cave inside a hillside, a church and various stores. Each of these shops will anomalously restock themselves every 24 hours. Additionally, all foods within this level will not spoil over time. Behind the shops, there are storage and maintenance rooms, each labelled "Wartungsraum" and "Lagerraum" respectively. Once every week, rain will fall from the sky and flood the streets. Inside the housing units, basic equipment can be expected; they may contain technological equipment as well. Beyond the village are the wheat fields, where entities are most commonly found. Namely: Smilers, Hounds, Tulips and The Keymaster. The harvested wheat can be processed as normal, and safely consumed. It is unknown if other crops can be grown in these fields.

reccomended equipment:

Bag/backpack, weaponry, food, light sources

valuable resources:

Food, water, other miscellaneous items

recommended actions:

Stay as long as you want, but exercise caution.


Private Communities:

Wanderers have claimed various housing units for themselves and are considered to be private property. It is best to not tresspass.

UNCB: Outpost Conrad

This outpost contains roughly 50 members. They deliver food and supplies to other outposts and nearby levels. The base is heavily guarded, though they are open to trade.

The Grand Mercantile Guild: Outpost Gamma

The G.M.G. is a steadfast organization with around 150 members. They collect resources and store them. They are not accepting of new members, but are open to trade. Likewise, this base is heavily guarded.

Entrances and exits


To enter The Dark Village, there are 3 main entrances currently known. From Boundless Retail, you may enter through a dark store. From The Apartments, you may enter through a dark apartment. And from Starlit Cinema, you may enter through an emergency exit door.


To exit The Dark Village, there are 5 main exits. Entering a storage room may take you to The Boiling Sea. Entering the apartment complex may take you to The Apartments. Entering a maintenance room may take you to The Sub-Basement or Electrical Station. Wandering through the wheat field may take you to Almond Fields. And entering the hillside cave will take you to The Boiling Sea.



Inverviewee: First wanderer to enter The Dark Village

Interviewer: UNCB Operator

Notes: Interviewee is of German descent with an audible accent.

UNCB Op: Good evening, Mr. Müller.

Müller: Evening.

UNCB Op: Do you know why you're here, Mr. Müller?

Müller: No… I do not. (shifts into a slightly more tense position)

UNCB Op: It's about the Level. (slides papers across the desk)

Müller: (pauses to glance at the papers) What would you like to know?

UNCB Op: You once said the village resembled a real one. What was its name?

Müller: Kreuzdorf.

UNCB Op: (shuffles more papers and points to a location on a map) This one?

Müller: Yes… (stares longingly at the map) I lived there.

UNCB Op: Must be convenient then.

Müller: (nods) The food and water is nice, but I want to see my family.

UNCB Op: I understand, Mr. Müller. So do I. (clears throat) How did you enter the level? There are more than one documented entrances.

Müller: (pauses to think) I entered a dark convenience store in Boundless Retail. Th-The endless mall.

UNCB Op: Okay… Would you like to tell me anything else?

Müller: If possible- I would like to contribute to the article of this level. I hold this village very dear to my heart.

UNCB Op: Mr. Müller, that is not my decision to make.

Müller: Can't you ask one of the higher ups?

UNCB Op: I can. That doesn't guarantee anything. I'm not going to promise anything.

Müller: Thank you! I truly hope they agree. (makes a small praying motion)

UNCB Op: Thank you for your time. That's the end of our meeting, Mr. Müller.
(extends hand for a shake)

Müller: (shakes his hand and nods)

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