O.B.E.O (Official Backrooms Exploration Organization)


The Founder of O.B.E.O is a Man named Christian Ferrante. He is currently working on documenting these levels to the general public. He decided to do this after is best friend died trying to explore unknown levels.
Because he died Christan wanted to carry on his Legacy and so he made this organization to explore the backrooms.


After the organization was created Christan asked is friend Dr.Isac Bode to help him on his mission. So he did. After trying to get many newcomers to the backrooms to join they finally had something to work with.
So they went to work on making an HQ and Outposts.it is now a relatively small but extremely technologically advanced organization thanks to Dr.Isac.

The O.B.E.O currently has 10 outposts 3 of them on level 1 and the rest scattered to the safest levels they could find. The HQ is located on level 1 with around 250-300 people at any given point.


The O.B.E.O has 7 Ranks

Level 1: You just joined and is living under the protection of the O.B.E.O

Level 1 Researcher: After proving you have knowledge you were given authority to be an official researcher for simple levels and entity's.

Level 2: A well respected individual most likely a supplier off food and guard to the outposts or HQ.

Level 2 Researcher: You usually get this by being in the O.B.E.O for 1+ years.

Level 3 Researcher: You will get this rank after discovering a new thing and being here for 2+ years

Level 4 Researcher: A Extremely respected individual, And made groundbreaking discoveries and being here for 4+ years.

Level 5 Researcher: Being a founding member or the O.B.E.O and possibly a maker of the M.B.D you are the highest class possible in the organization.

Additional Information:

The Void

M.B.D (Multi-level backrooms drone)

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