M B D Multi Level Backrooms Drone

Multi-Level Backrooms Drone


The Creator of this drone is Dr.Isac Bode. A renown researcher for many great discoveries.He first created this drone for a intention of exploring the Eternal Sky.

Drone Information:

The M.B.D is a 10 meter by 5 meter drone intended for exploring the eternal sky. It's is used for photography and scouting.This allows the researchers to make sure a given area is safe to make an outpost or go onto for further research.
It's Maximum speed recorded was Mach 3.5 rivaling even the fastest of planes like the SR-71.
It's speed allows it to escape from entity's attempting to damage or take the drone. Along with being able to go far distances for possible scouting.
It is equip with 6 cameras for 1 for the front and back and 2 for each sides.This grants it a 360 field of view. It also comes with a 30,000 Lumen flashlight and 3 inch steel plates.
It is Most known for its use of finding The Void.

Additional Information:

The Void

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