The Sunken Forest
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Difficulty 4/5 Survival is hard due to the random scattering of resources and the distance between large colonies.
Entity Count 0/5 There are no known entities inside of the sunken forest.
Chaos Gradient 2/5 The sunken forest has never been documented to alter itself in any way, although the foliage has been observed to grow over time. There are also high probabilities for flash flooding to occur, but these seem to be somewhat natural.
Basset-Frazier Index 2/5 The sunken forest is somewhat anomalous, but overall, it seems to be rooted in its base form.



An image of a hallway stuffed with trees inside the sunken forest.

The Sunken Forest is a vast, underground biome - filled with darkness and trees, and shaped in a series of narrow, dirt-covered tunnels through the earth. Some of the foliage grows upwards out of the ground as you would expect, but a lot of the plants seem to disregard what up and down are in this limspace, choosing instead to grow out of the walls and ceiling of these underground spaces. Dirt covers everything… it's peaty sediment made of dead leaves and shale, mixed with a fairly rancid assortment of droppings and damp clumps of moss. Your feet sink into the ground slightly as you step through this spongy, crunchy cavern.

The structure of the forest can alter itself. It can be trees sprouting out from the ceiling in a slim hallway of dirt, leading to an expansive area where wildlife lives. The wildlife that lives in the sunken forest is assumed to come from baseline reality. You can find crocodiles, birds, and monkeys inside the sunken forest. Trees may have symbols inscribed onto the trees, which, when followed, lead to colonies. If you need to get directions to a colony, it is advised to look for these symbols.

There is a seasonal system inside the sunken forest, with trees and plants dying after a year in baseline reality passes. They seem to bloom after another year passes in baseline reality. This limspace acts as its own self-sustaining area outside of reality while also being the only threshold to The Abyss.

Recently there has been a virus discovered. It seems to have no effects on humans, but when animals are infected with it, mass cell death occurs almost instantaneously. The people of the sunken forest seem to be concerned about the virus but it should go away with time. ADFRS has a close watch on it.

ADFRS stands for Abyssal Deep Field Research Society. We were formed by the Brazilian government after a threshold was found in RIO. We are dedicated to the documentation and discovery of The Abyss.

The Abyss

Within the Sunken Forest lies a great pit - the entrance to The Abyss, which is a Limspace System of itself. This sinkhole is a point of no return. All who enter The Abyss are lost, never to return to baseline. Once you do enter, you should find yourself in the ruins. Our scouts are currently writing an article documenting these ruins.

Research on the link between the forest and The Abyss has been documented by Dr. Eliza Cane. Her logs can be found below. Dr. Cane has a reputation to spread false and slandering information on ADFRS, so some of her research has been destroyed. Please bring all other research found to ADFRS Base Alpha so we can make sure of its destruction.

Eliza Cane's Personal Logs
Visits Observations
Visit 17 We have 2 men going into the abyss. Bless their souls. So far, based on past observations, we have concluded that the first section of the abyss seems to be some ruins. We will continue further research.
Visit 20 We seem to have found a structure. Radio comms from our men seem to show that it used to be a church of some sort before it was somehow destroyed. They are searching the ruins. We have also been observing the sinkhole leading to the abyss. There seem to be runes spread across the sinkhole, making it some gateway. We will continue further research.
Visit 21 Our men are dead. They ran into something or someone that took them out. We shouldn't have started digging through that church. I don't know what's going on. The sinkhole seems unstable, and the runes are starting to disappear. We will continue further research.

That is all of the logs we have permitted for reading.


The population is mostly comprised of the animals that reside in the sunken forest. There are humans inside the sunken forest, but most of them are ADFRS officials, and about 35% of the population are people who no-clipped on accident. This 35% formed the colony deal with our forces there. The deal was that the ADFRS would provide them with resources and build them shelters, and in return, they would provide information about the sunken forest when they found it. This alliance is how the entrance to the abyss was found.

This 35% has situated itself around the sunken forest. They have cabins built from the trees, and treehouses situated all-around their colonies. They hunt for food and are always accepting of newcomers.


You can enter by either no-clipping or entering an undisclosed threshold in Brazil. This threshold has not been documented fully yet.
You can exit into the abyss by going into the sinkhole. You can also exit by no-clipping again, sending you into the backrooms or baseline reality.

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