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A level is a portion of The Backrooms. Each level is different in one way or another. These levels can typically be accessed through a "gateway"1. Levels house most, if not all the information and space in The Backrooms. Levels have no specific placement and can overlap each other.

Quantum Stability

Some levels are quantum stable. These levels are the most commonly known quantum stable levels and are the only ones people can noclip into. These include, but are not limited to:

It is assumed that more quantum stable normal levels exist but these have yet to be found.

Quantum Fluctuant

Most levels are quantum fluctuant. This means that people have to get to them after getting into The Backrooms.

These levels contain negatives, normals, secrets, and sub-levels. They are listed in clusters and every 1000 levels a new cluster starts. These are listed below:

Normal Levels

Normal Levels are the bread and butter of The Backrooms. These levels are the most stable and easy to get to. All levels in this list have been thoroughly explored and documented.

In-between normal levels are the sub-levels, subsets to existing levels.

Secret Levels

Secret Levels are ones that are disconnected from The Backrooms in a way yet still connected slightly. These Levels also tend to be extraordinary to a degree higher than normal Levels.

  • Level 63 - || Difficulty || 1/5 || Due to the bandits that roam the halls, it can be unsafe to roam the halls without a weapon. ||
Entity Count 2/5 All of the entities are in the basement, so if you don't go to the basement, your safe from entities.
Chaos Gradient 0/5 The halls and rooms don't loop or any other strange activity.
Basset-Frazier Index 1.5/5 This level is very livable as long if you don't travel the basement or try to go outside.
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Once you've received the required two pieces of feedback in the Drafts Forum or Discord, you can create your article below. Enter the level identifier (for example "Level 12") into the text input and click create.

For secret levels, input the name.

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