Level 63

Level 63

Difficulty 1/5 Due to the bandits that roam the halls, it can be unsafe to roam the halls without a weapon.
Entity Count 2/5 All of the entities are in the basement, so if you don't go to the basement, your safe from entities.
Chaos Gradient 0/5 The halls and rooms don't loop or any other strange activity.
Basset-Frazier Index 1.5/5 This level is very livable as long if you don't travel the basement or try to go outside.


Level 63 is the 63rd level in the Backrooms. The level appears to be a massive bunker that seems to never end. People come here to get weapons and supplies, such as pistols, rifles, LMGs, SMGs, knifes, RPGs, grenades, and body armor. There is also a large amount of supplies in this level. People often come here to get supplies or to make a base or outpost. It is reported that bandits often roam the level and will steal from people and bases, so it is very important to have a weapon on hand while exploring this level. You can also find artillery with shells leading to the outside, which seems to be night for all time

The Outside.

The outside of the bunker is considered to be unsafe to explore because of poison gas that is outside of the bunker, though for unknown reasons, can not get inside the bunker. It is sometimes hypothesized of a hostile force is besieging the bunker, though no proof of this is real. It is also hypothesized that the level is a just a sub-level of Level 12, thought no proof of this is real.

The Basement.

The Basement is a sub-level of Level 63 is considered to be unsafe to go into, because of the amount of smilers in the basement. The Basement has no working lights, so you must bring a light source to explore the area. There is also a large amount of weapons in the basement. The basement can be went to by finding a staircase that leads down to the basement.

Colonies and Outposts.

The Bunker Boys
The Bunker Boys are a group of people that live in Level 63 that claim there reason to be there is to kill all of the entities in the level and make the level safer. The group as around 40 members and are open to trade, Their main base, Beta, is guarded by guards and around 3 square km large.

There are around 300 camps that have at most 10 people or are abandoned. these camps are mostly open to trade and the abandoned ones can be used for shelter or supplies.

Entrances and Exits.

The Main way to enter Level 63 is to find a door in Level 4 saying "BUNKER". Open the door to enter the level. If it is locked, then wait 15 minutes, then try again.

To exit Level 63, you could go back to Level 4 by the same way you entered the level, or find a door saying "CAVE" and opening the door and going to Level 9.

P.S: Level 63 is also widely called "The Bunker".

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