Level 19
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Level Classification

Difficulty 2/5 Level-19 is relatively safe, but due the limited supply of food and water, the level may be hard to inhabit.
Entity Count 0/5 There are no entities in Level-19, not counting animals.
Chaos Gradient 5/5 Level-19 shifts relatively often, yet imporatnt landmarks do not change.
Basset-Frazier Index 2.33/5 This level is relatively anomalous.


Level-19 changes appearance quite often, but all versions of Level-19 have been versions of a flat plain desert. The Level does not inhabit any entities, rendering it mostly safe for fellow wanderers. But due to the limited supply of water and food the level may be hard to inhabit. It is to note that animals do exist in Level-19 but they do not seem abnormal in any way, it is currently safe to approach them.


fig 1.0 A photo taken by a wanderer picturing Level 19 with the Charlize Pond visible.

The Charlize Pond

This area is probably the most important, it is the only ever noted water resource in the entire level, it appears so that the Pond does not change location if a shift ever happens. The communities which inhabit the level are found quite frequently fortifying the area around the Pond to secure majority. It is currently unknown if the Charlize Pond is limitless.

Lamtle Cave

This area represents the large cave-like opening in the side of a currently unnamed hill. Entering the opening for 30 seconds will lead you to Level-20.

Recommended Equipment

Refillable Water Bottle, Flashlight (and batteries if any are found) and food.

Valuable Resources


Recommended Actions

It is recommend to join the communities which inhabit the level to increase your chances of survival, it is also recommended to have a stable supply of water.


The Mojave Republic

The Mojave Republic is currently in-control of the Charlize Pond, they have been spotted creating a trade route with the "Union of Wanderers", exchanging water for food and valuable supplies. They are
undoubtedly allies. The name was inspired by Level-19 having similarities to the Mojave Desert.

The Union of Wanderers

This faction represents all Wanderers which happen to slip into this Level, it provides a safe-space to those who were rejected by the others. Their motto is "Labor, Service and help." they are allies with the Mojave Republic.

The Cult of The Mohehvian God

This Cult is a hostile faction of violent cannibals. They hydrate themselves by drinking the blood of their enemies. Whether their cannibalism is propaganda or not, it is recommended to stay out of their sight.

The Legionaires

The Legionaires are neutral to the Mojave Republic and allies with the Union of Wanderers, they also have a trade route with the Union. They have been seen using makeshift stone spears to attack the Cult Of The Mohehvian God.

Entrances and Exits


You can enter using Level-18 by overcoming a hallucination in any sector, this is proven to be incredibly hard but it is undoubtedly worth it due the populace of Level-19.


There is only one way to exit Level-19, and it is to enter the Lamtle Cave and stay there for 30 seconds, when the countdown is complete, you will find yourself in Level-20.

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