Level 15

The Domed Desert

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Level Classification

Difficulty 0/5 Very little insanity-inducing effects, a very safe level other than the heat.
Entity Count 1/5 Backrooms entities can enter this level, but none are found naturally. A large amount of entities resembling animals can also be found.
Chaos Gradient 0/5 The level is mappable, and the environment never shifts or changes unprovoked.
Basset-Frazier Index 0.1/5 The small amount of entities and earth-like conditions allow for a safe place to live.



Level 15 is an infinite rocky desert, part of the cluster of domed biome levels. The climate is very hot, and there is very little Almond Water, or freshwater, available. While the effects of thirst are lessened, much like the rest of The Backrooms, they do exist here, and it can be dangerous if you find yourself lost. While the desert is infinite, it can be and has been mapped, and there are many, many towns within it. Some existed when the level was discovered, but the majority were man-made with lumber shipped in from Level 12.

Many inhabitants of this level entered the backrooms from the ‘Wild West’ era of the United States, including most of the faction known as The Ugly. Those who did not enter directly from that time period have largely embraced the culture. The level’s geography consists of features consistent with a desert from Earth, including buttes, valleys, canyons, hills, and the occasional stream. An anomalous feature is the Almond Water River that runs in from Level 12, culminating in the Almond Water Oasis, the oasis that the river dumps into. Several colonies have been built around this oasis, and it is a valuable commodity. Perhaps the strangest naturally occurring aspects of the level are its train tracks, countless segments of tracks that are fully functional, complete with stations, water towers, and cars. They will not run unless operated by an engineer, and they are operated on a regular schedule for transportation, trade, and anything of the sort.

Level 15, like the other domed levels, operates on a 24-hour day/night cycle, but not on a seasonal cycle. In the day, temperatures average more than 110 degrees Fahrenheit (43 degrees Celsius) but have been recorded as high as 134 degrees Fahrenheit (56 degrees Celsius). At night, temperatures plummet to around 25 degrees Fahrenheit (-4 degrees Celsius). Wanderers who spend more than a month in the level have reported higher tolerance to such extreme temperatures, and the effect carries over to different levels.

The liquid above the dome is assumed to be the same as the liquid in the other domed levels, though no experiments have been performed due to the dangerous results of the initial experiment on Level 12. Level 15 shows some examples of the liquid being less than consistent, at least in appearance, and its coloring and light level often changes, however, the reason and cause behind this is unknown.


This list will not include smaller towns controlled by The Ugly, as there are far too many of them to count.

UNCB Outpost Tombhollow

Tombhollow is the lone outpost established by The UNCB on Level 15 in accordance with Wiley “Arizona” George, leader of The Ugly’s request. It is built around a train station for ease of transportation and trade, a regular stop for many trains, has a population of approximately fifty, and has just one cattle ranch. The ranch is run by Jay Nolan but owned by Raymond Meyer, an extremely wealthy citizen of the level who has a stake in many of the largest and most important cattle ranches. The town is home to The Morning Star, a newspaper that reports on goings-on across the level. The Morning Star is owned by Cora Blair, who also acts as one of their best reporters.

Scorpion's Stead

A town falling under the umbrella of The Ugly, and one of the most dangerous places to be in Level 15. It is located on the outskirts of The Ugly’s territory within the level, and is approximately an hour’s horse ride away from the nearest outpost, meaning it is, in essence, lawless. It contains The Bull’s Horns, a saloon that is a common stop for bandits, and if you enter without either being a usual or knowing a usual, you are not welcome and there is a high likelihood you will be shot. There is no elected leader or sheriff, and the UNCB would recommend that wanderers stay far away from this place.


A town situated in a valley that is unofficially considered to be the capital of The Ugly’s territory, as it is currently home to “Arizona” George, his now-wife Sara George, and his closest circle of trusted friends, along with about seventy other citizens. George and his associates live in a large house higher up the valley less than half a mile away from a town known as Myrtlewood. The offices of the Breakreach Daily, another newspaper, are here. It is owned by Raymond Meyer and distributed across the level. Warren Hooper sells horses out of Breakreach and is widely accepted as the best horse breeder in the level. He and the Breakreach Daily make Breakreach one of the most successful business towns in 23, and wanderers come from across the cluster to purchase his horses, as they are durable enough to withstand the cold mountain air of Level 13 and navigate through the forests of Level 12. There is a train station atop the valley Breakreach is situated in, and is less than a five minutes’ walk from the center of town, meaning citizens of it have ease of access to the trains.

Assorted Camps

There are many colonies and towns within Level 15, and only one faction, The Ugly. The Ugly is hardly a faction, but The UNCB classifies them as one for simplicity’s sake. Before The Ugly took power, Level 15 was a much more dangerous level, as bandits and entities wreaked havoc on its citizens, but there is much more order now, which is saying something about its past because there is still much chaos and disorder. Towns have been established now, but laws and an organized government have not. Bandits still roam the level and harass citizens, but they no longer risk attacking larger towns or essential shipments. The citizens of Level 15 survive primarily off of the cattle that were found naturally on the level, and they have created ranches to herd and breed them. Many entities similar to ones found in the hot climates of Earth are found here, such as rattlesnakes, cows, hyenas, and vultures.

The UNCB is the only faction other than The Ugly to have a town in Level 15, which is by specific request of George. He has an open-door policy to all who wish to enter the level but does not allow factions to set up towns, as he prefers to stay out of matters not directly concerning Level 15 and its denizens.

Entrances and Exits


Entering a specific apartment within Level 11, entering a closet within, and closing the door behind you will cause you to be in an abandoned house on Level 15. From Level 12, if you follow the Almond Water River downstream for several miles, you will arrive at Level 15. From Level 16, walking away from the highway in any direction will lead you to Level 15. This is a one-way entrance.


Following the Almond Water River upstream for several miles, the exact distance varies on each attempt, which will lead you to Level 12. There is a set of train tracks running perpendicular to the station at Breakreach, and if you either follow them or take a train down them, they will arrive at a modern train station. Simply being in this station will call The Metro to you, so if you follow the tracks on foot, it is recommended that you get onto the station as quickly as possible, since The Metro only utilizes the opposite set of tracks when a train occupies the first. There are several cave systems

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