Level 10.1
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Level Classification

Difficulty 2/5 Corn in the maze deliberately tries to trap you in the level. Chance of dying is low, but it is very easy to be trapped.
Entity Count 0/5 N/A
Chaos Gradient 3/5 Corn moves quite a bit, though it does follow a few rules.
Basset-Frazier Index 1.6/5 Escape largely depends on luck and endurance, but this level does not necessarily need to be escaped. If you are planning on travelling, this level should be avoided.



Level 10.1 is a seemingly infinite corn maze. The corn is about seven meters tall, and very close together, to the point where it is impossible to see through the walls of corn. It is always evening, and there is a constant breeze. This, combined with how cloudy it is, makes the level moderately cold. The walls of corn are also infinitely dense, and going into them is not recommended.

The main danger of this level is being trapped. It is impossible to no-clip in this level, and the corn tries to stop you from exiting by moving around constantly. However, it is always possible to escape for one reason. The corn always follows two rules. It can only move if you are not looking at it, and it must always be possible to get to atleast one exit from anywhere in the maze. This doesn’t mean it’s easy, though. The corn makes the maze extremely complex, and will even move to combat strategies you are using. How the corn moves is unknown, since the movement is instantaneous, and cannot be seen or heard. For example, if you try following a wall, it will purposely create a pattern which would cause a loop. Despite the movement of the corn, the exits and the areas directly around the exits remain consistent.

It is impossible to die of starvation or thirst in this level, and it seems to sustain your sanity to a certain extent, so staying in this level will not actually cause insanity. If anything, it will prevent insanity. The only mental effects are caused when you stay in the level for around a day. You will begin to lose your sense of direction more the longer you stay, making it more difficult to escape the level. It will not affect any other part of your personality.

The corn tastes and smells almost exactly like almond grain. It has also reportedly been used to make almond water. Most likely, the corn is actually almond grain taking the shape and some properties of corn.


Assorted Camps

It is known that several camps exist, from wanderers who became trapped in the level and crossed paths. However, due to the difficulty of finding others in this level, they are hard to find and usually quite small.

Entrances and Exits


This level can be entered by finding what looks like a typical corn maze entrance in Level 10, which will lead to a completely random part of the maze.


Since no-clipping is impossible in this level, the only way to exit this level are the exits scattered throughout the maze. These exits look like the exit of a typical corn maze, and lead to Level 10. These exits are spread out randomly, but are inferred to usually be very far apart considering how hard they are to find. You can usually tell when you are close to an exit, as the corn will tend to be shorter.

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