First Contact

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fig 1.0 Site of the destroyed village's remains.

You heard about it on the news: a tragic, pointless loss of life caused by international negligence.

A quaint village in England: a beautiful, idyllic, innocent town. Torn to shreds. Mothers and fathers clutching the half-eaten remains of their dead children. Dozens were left without their arms, legs, loved ones, or livelihood. Their picturesque life, gone in an instant at the hands of pests.

I have taken the liberty to attach several accounts from residents of the community for you to read. As you do, remember: this tragedy was not an inevitability, it was an oversight at the hands of complacent bureaucrats. We are aggressively pursuing a comeuppance for those who initiated this disaster.

> Excerpt from a news interview with Anna Wiltshire, 4/4/92.

My day started simple, routine, normal. I woke up, took Tyler for a walk, had a bath, ate breakfast, then I heard a rumble. Not like an earthquake, nothing like that, it was like hundreds of people were running all at once. I was terrified, I tried to go back inside. Didn’t do me much good if I’m honest. Whatever those things were, they got in. Chewed their way in, I could hear it. Gnawing through solid brick like it was cereal. They were in not long after that, going for every scrap of food they could find in the house. Lucky for me I suppose. I wasn’t on the menu. I had enough food lying around to keep them busy. Couple that with the fact that they’d gone for homes closer to the town centre and I was one of the luckiest few there.

I went to my room with Tyler and hid underneath the sheets of my bed, I’m not ashamed to admit that. They were all around me, crawling on top of me as I hid, eating whatever food I had in the room, scratching, and clawing as they moved around me. After long enough, the men with the eyes came and I heard sounds of fighting. By morning, the rats had gone, after eating half the towns houses and more than half of the people living here.

It feels unreal to me still, like I’m disconnected from it all. I mean, thousands of rats tearing apart your house, hearing your neighbours screams of agony, it’s the stuff of nightmares. It feels like all I can do to keep myself from breaking down is to keep it in the back of my mind, if I stop to think about it… I just break.

> Excerpt from Chapter 5 of “Moving on”, by Shelly Reilly.

It was then that I knew something was wrong, the wind was evil. I smelt damp fur in the air, worse than wet dog by a mile. Before I knew it, they broke through the window. I picked up anything I could to swat them away, pans, knives, a wooden spoon even, none of it lasted more than a second before being swallowed up by the writhing mass of rats. So, I ran. I abandoned my house in hopes of finding someone, anyone, to help me. They were everywhere however, crawling along every street, invading every home for miles around. I could hear them then, following behind me after finishing the little I had in my fridge.

I kept running, I used all the strength I had in me to carry myself as far from it all as I could. But it wasn’t far enough.

I had ran for hours, I was exhausted, and it was getting dark. Then, they caught me. Took me to the ground by chewing at my ankles, nibbling away at my skin. Clawing and biting anything I didn’t have covered. They found their way into my left sleeve; they must’ve got a taste for it because soon they were digging into my arm. Chewing chunks out of the flesh, pulling, and tugging out of pieces that they hadn’t quite cut cleanly. By the time they were done my arm was a mess, it was then that the Oculus Initiative team found me. My arm was destroyed, the damage was too extensive and the risk of infection far too high. So, they cut it off. Obviously, by then I was long since unconscious. By the time I woke up, my arm was gone; my body was bandaged from head to toe and I was bed ridden in the hospital.

> From the writings of Martin Smalls; found next to his remains alongside a single pest.

Why do you think this happened? Because rats from another universe came to town? There’s something these left-wingers aren’t telling us. There’s a greater plan at work here. I’ve compiled proof that they were poisoning the water supply, which is EXACTLY where rats would drink from, no? Who’s they? The ELITE. It’s always the elite trying to keep us under control, globalist elites, a cabal of ruling rich tyrants. The government, the Oculus Initiative, all pawns on a chessboard few can understand. They turned rats into monsters, whether by accident or on purpose. Who else could it be? Yes, I was there that day. I saw what I saw, orbs of light rising from the water. Some last-minute attempt to hide their failed experiment, but I’m no fool. I see right through them. When the rats came, I tried to capture one for testing. The little bugger nearly took my eye out, but I got him. I’ve kept it captured ever since, contained here for my own independent research. Low and behold, as soon as I started feeding it water from a different reservoir, I noticed some interesting changes. It started becoming much more like a normal rat. This is proof, proof that something was done to the water to change the rats. I’m going to prove it. I’m going to let him out after another week of this and observe his behavior around my house. I’ll update my findings here, as I see interesting events.

Remember to keep your eyes wide open, because that’s the only way to see the truth.

Martin Smalls.

All this pain and suffering was preventable. If the international community would have simply left the handling of this matter to the more paranormally experienced Oculus, everything would have been fine. These people should have never lost their lives so soon.

As such: we have taken it upon ourselves. With widespread support from people internationally, we will rectify this grievous mistake and strike back against the forces that would wish harm upon our world.

As for your briefing: you are to attempt to establish a short-term foothold in this newly discovered SPR. Area 3 is the designation it has been given, the gateway to Area 3 remains in that decimated village. Those who enter may well be forfeiting any lives they once had; know that it is for the betterment of mankind collectively that we sacrifice so much. So long as you keep your purpose clear within your minds, you will find no trouble dedicating your lives to the Initiative.

This is not for the greater good, but for the greatest good. A world free from terror, loss, and tragedy. A world of peace and prosperity, a better world. We will realise it, that is our only purpose in this life.

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