Entity 21

The Knight

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The Knight is found on Level 17, it's appearance is like it's name. A Knight. The Knight is a friendly creature and can help you on the way, it protects you from hostile entities. You will meet one instantly considering it stays at the entrance of the level. The Knight will ask you a question to give you a choice, you can either let it protect you through out the level. or you can adventure off by yourself while the knight stays behind. If saying yes, it'll follow you ( or you follow it. ) everywhere and yes, it will carry you to be cautious if you'll let it .It has a pouch which carries a good supply of almond water 4 first aid kits(only for you) & snacks(only for you). this creature does not need to eat, it regenerates quickly and it doesn't need to sleep, not like you can sleep in the backrooms anyway.


The knight doesn't have a face and the body is pitch black under it's armor, it's 8ft an has unnatural strength.


The Knight was discovered when someone was being attacked by an entity on level 17 and The Knight came to the rescue and killed off the entity, as The Knight aske if he wanted him to let it protect you through out the level and the explorer accepted the offer.

Pros of The Knight protecting you

  • It keeps you sane when it carries you.
  • It has supplies only for you.
  • It can tell if a person is human or not.
  • It can tell when danger is nearby. ( survival instincts. )
  • It guides you through out the level.
  • When you lose it somehow, it'll make an attempt to find you

Cons of The Knight protecting you

  • You CANNOT pick up weapons you find.
  • The Clanking noises from it's armor can attract hostile entities.
  • It can regenerate quickly, but it can still die.
  • It's only exclusive on level 17
  • It cannot kill Smilers because The Knight doesn't know if the entity has a body or not and doesn't want to risk having to get close to it>
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