CD,CL,RM- Concentrated Dark, Concentrated Light, Rift Matter

Where they can be found:
CD Can be found in The Void basically anywhere. You can also find it inside a black hole.
CL can also be found in the void. you can find them when there is light shining down on you, Walk on the air to reach it. You can also find CL in something about to be a super nova.

When they are near reality starts to distort and become very weak and susceptible to change

Basic Information:
CD, CL and RM are the the basic building blocks of the multiverse.
Concentrated darkness making Dark Matter, Anti Matter and Dark energy.
Concentrated Light is what powers the multiverse and the creation of planets and other universes.
And Rift matter is what everything is made of. Being what forms together to create matter.
CD and CL forms together to create Rift Matter.

Concentrated Darkness:
CD is very important for the multiverse. It creates the things we need to power the universe but it also creates Anti Matter. Which is very important for the void as it is what gives it the strange properties and allowing it to be infinite in size. CD is why the void is pure darkness because billions on trillions of years ago matter got super powered by Dark energy and it absorbed dark matter and it formed CD and because of the strange effect it has to absorb all light it absorbed the CL in the void but instead they fused and created rift matter. And rift matter being extremely dense it blocks light so it allowed CD to take over the void only being full of darkness. And that mass fusion of rift matter created a chain reaction with CD and CL that created the multiverse. But that came with a price. The mass fusion of CD and CL created a warp in reality that allowed the backrooms to create.

Concentrated Light
CL also being important for the multiverse. As it lead to the creation of the multiverse itself.
CL powering creation and life it created MOST entity's in the backrooms and in the universe besides the ones that CD created with Dark Energy
Concentrated light is a extremely bright white glowing source being able to heal all wounds along with bringing things back to life.

Rift Matter

Rift matter is the creator of all things as it forms together to make matter.(Besides Anti Matter Beings)
A Extremely dangerous and powerful source. Rift matter can be used to alter reality in weak spots of it.
When rift matter is formed you can't see it but when big clumps of CD and CL fuse rift matter looks almost like space being the color pattern of space.
If rift matter touches the skin of a human it can sometimes grant temporary immortality.
It could also turn you into a being of Pure CD or CL which will make you a celestial being. Although the power it grants is only useful in places like The Void.

Additional Information:
The Void

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