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The Oculus Initiative requests your cooperation in maintaining the secrecy of this information; it is vital that we do not allow the general public too much knowledge of the specifics of our activities. Just remember: this is for the greatest good.

> Area Classification (Pre-Oculus)

Danger Rating 5/5 The abundance of pests made the area nearly uninhabitable. At the time of its discovery it was almost impossible to last more than a few minutes in Area 3.
Pest Count 5/5 Several factors had made it difficult to accurately gauge the population of pests in Area 3, something that remains true even to today.
Instability 1/5 The area has a large time differential with earth, but it is otherwise stable.
SUMMARY 3.67/5 The area was extremely dangerous before Oculus intervention: a massive threat to those who entered and earth as a whole.

fig 1.0 Rat Infested Area 3, prior to Oculus intervention.

> Description (Pre-Oculus)

Area 3 is a sustained paranormal reality, which has been connected to our world for the last 50 years.
Initially, this reality was relatively safe. The world at large only became aware of Area 3 much later, when events within had progressed to a point that it had become a serious global issue.

Area 3 itself is a mish-mash of dense metropolitan streets, as well as urban and suburban residential districts that seem to repeat without end in all cardinal directions. The buildings within Area 3 once featured shelves, cupboards and other containers that would restock with era-appropriate meals. Architecturally, it matched the typical style present on earth from not long before its discovery. At an unknown point, mammalian species from our reality, specifically Rattus norvegicus and Rattus rattus, had managed to gain access to this reality.

The rodents in question managed to access Area 3 through a gate-phenomenon called The Rabbit Hole. These species were able to not only survive but thrive within this space, gradually mutating over time into various sub-groups and niches to suit the different environments of Area 3.

This also wouldn't have been a massive issue had it been as simple as a minor pest infestation. However, a secondary effect of Area 3 is a significant time discrepancy between it and our own reality: specifically an observed 1400% time differential. This had allowed for the pests to breed unfettered for at least 22 years in our reality before their discovery; within Area 3 they had been multiplying and changing within the space for at least 308 years.

The space itself had been damaged significantly by the unfettered breeding. Without any natural predators and with abundant food, the pests had essentially been multiplying exponentially; their presence had left the space torn to near shreds by the time of its discovery.

At the time of the spaces discovery, the Initiative didn't exist and the general public were ill-equipped to deal with the dangers pests posed. A majority of early exploration groups were wiped out, very few who survived their encounters were left unscathed.

Consequently, paired with inaction from a majority of world governments, the exponential increase of the pests continued. Distinct varieties having arose that posed a difficulty even to an eventual response from military forces.

The space itself became unrecognizable. Thankfully, the Initiative holds routine exterminations to keep the pests held back and our research teams are using all means possible to develop countermeasures capable of more effective extermination.

Since we began our efforts to fix Area 3, we have successfully managed to drive several major populations of pests into nests rather than open infestation.

> Area Classification (Updated)

Danger Rating 0/5 Those born and raised in Area 3 are fully aware of just how suited for human habitation it has become. Continuous efforts from Oculus have created several outposts: each play a major role in the lives of Area 3's inhabitants, and the Oculus Initiative as a whole.
Pest Count 2/5 Ongoing extermination efforts have greatly reduced the pest count in Area 3, particularly around the outposts. It is likely that population growth is still continuing for the pests beyond the sections of Area 3 that Oculus monitors.
Instability 1/5 The area has a large time differential with earth, but otherwise is not particularly unstable.
SUMMARY 1/5 The area has been successfully colonized and utlised by Oculus, the time differential effect has proved to be one of our most significant assets.

fig 2.0 Site of a rat nest in Area 3

> Description (Updated)

  • Area 3 is a sustained paranormal reality, that has been connected to our world for the last 50 years.
  • Area 3 is a world with a flow of time 1400% faster than that of our own reality.
  • Area 3 has been broken down into three outposts. The outposts each serve a distinct purpose to the Initiative, and as such are distinct from one another.
  • Outpost 3A has gone underground, building a subterranean complex of laboratories and living quarters to conduct research in a controlled and isolated environment.
  • Outpost 3B is a sprawling metropolis, built from the rubble of Area 3. A modern marvel: generally home to lower-ranking researchers as opposed to the seasoned milieu of 3A. 3B also features several state-of-the-art STEM schools, which produce highly trained Oculus Scientists.
  • Outpost 3C is a series of large, densely packed training compounds which produce a vast majority of Oculus soldiers and field agents. Whilst 3C is not as large and grandiose as 3A or 3B, it serves an essential purpose which is crucial for the continued operation of the Oculus Initiative.
  • Efforts in food production have been ongoing, with the largest greenhouse in Oculus history being constructed above Outpost 3A.

Through our continued cooperation and effort, Oculus will thrive and grow more than ever before.

Further specifics to each outpost have been detailed below.

> Additional Information

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