International Retard!

You have most likely seen me acting like an autist in the discord, or maybe as the leader of the sigma cult.

I wrote a funny museum because museums are cool and I'm funny.

Please don't leave yet, Knaff trapped me in his basement


My name is Mr. N Kakyoin

My name on Wikidot is DarkZplays but please call me Kakyoin, "DarkZplays" is quite cringe. You may have noticed that this is very similar to Knaff's author page because he told me to steal code. So, uhh, blame him. Also, I like the color purple.

The Level 18 duo:

> Level 18 - (+16)
> The Appreciators - (+3)

My first articles on the website! By the way, Level 18 is the 3rd highest rated Level in the Backrooms, get flexed on nerds. There's still wayyyyyyy more to come. Thanks, Worm, Cherry, Excerium, Knaff, Doey, and many more for teaching me the ways of writing a liminal archive.

Joke Articles:

> Interview S69/EX - (+6)

Fun fact: This was the first joke article on the site! I included myself with some exaggerated personality (Mostly the Brazil thing) and Knaff, which inspired to make me write this because of Levi, anyways, lol. Thanks to Excerium and Unison! for crit.

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