Cult of Finis Mortis

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This article originates from the baseline reality Archivist branch.

The following information is considered to be sensitive and so will be censored appropriately in order to maintain security.



finis mortis \ Undisclosed Threshold within baseline reality, a nuclear explosion frozen in time. The sheer energy of the blast has slowed down time within Threshold #2 to a near complete standstill.

Threshold #2 is a currently inaccessible threshold in an undisclosed location, known amongst many as Point Lux. T#2 is considered to be one of the oldest mega-stable Thresholds in baseline reality and has an area of 50km2. It has an extremely predictable interaction with baseline reality that mostly affects the flow of time within its boundaries. As of now, it is completely inaccessible.

It is currently undergoing a nuclear explosion that will last millions of years as a result of the time-dilatory properties of the threshold itself. All that can be seen as of today is a bright pinprick of light in the middle of the threshold that blinds outside onlookers permanently. Appropriate security measures such as extensive walling have been constructed, as well as implementing a no-fly zone for drones and aircraft near the site. The nearby populace believes T#2 to be a military testing facility for laser weaponry. Below is information on how this threshold has arrived at its present state.

Ancient Knowledge of Threshold #2

Roman records speak of a location where the gods were closest to the Earth and the chronal laws that bound humans to the inevitability of death weakened amongst the presence of these immortal deities. Of course, this was merely a confused interpretation of the strange properties that T#2 displayed. The Romans expressed great interest in this location and studied it frequently. They constructed temples and places of worship for their scholars. Much of their written text is still of great use for archival purposes in understanding T#2. It seems that the flow of time in T#2 shifts according to the amount of energy released within its boundaries.

Time-Dilatory Features of Threshold #2

Threshold #2 creates no physical anomalies in baseline reality and instead adjusts the flow of time within its boundaries. This flow can be changed by releasing stored energy within T#2's boundaries. This is done through activities such as using chemical reactions, burning, or explosives. Generally and without outside interference, the energy released within T#2's boundaries is steady; T#2 elapses time 6.541 times faster than baseline reality relative to Earth. The Romans did not learn how to control T#2's liminal effect until nearly the end of the Roman Empire.

The History and Origin of the Cult of Finis Mortis

Today, private archaeological studies discovered that massive bonfires were often lit to exponentially increase the ratio of time. It is estimated that one of these bonfires could increase the time dilation as much as 36 times faster than baseline reality relative to Earth. After the destruction of the Roman empire, the remaining scholars secluded themselves within T#2 and were estimated to have lit up to two hundred large bonfires, increasing the ratio to such an extent that 10 days of baseline reality elapsed every minute within T#2. The bonfires were regularly fueled and lasted for a week before slowly burning out after local wood stocks were exhausted. After this mass burning, 300 years had passed outside of T#2. Their estimated destination in time was 600 AD, in the middle of the Dark Ages.

Over the next 20 years, their isolationist philosophy became near-fanatical and they became dedicated to solving the greatest barrier to knowledge: Death. They wanted to achieve immortality and therefore godhood itself. They called themselves 'finis Mortis'. The end of death. The temples were purposefully destroyed to deter looters and unwanted outsiders. They began to excavate large caves and store massive stockpiles of coal and wood. It was at this point that they began to meticulously document their every word. Each document was clean and precise, written into wax tablets and detailed everything about their plans and studies. These writings would prove invaluable for archival purposes.

Archivist's Discovery of Threshold #2

Bonfires were constructed again. They continued for over 6 weeks. It was written that they could barely breathe as their coal stockpiles began to run out and smoke was said to have filled the landscape with a constant foggy haze. Over a millennium had passed by the time their stockpiles were empty. They had arrived during the 1850s and were searching for something new. The few records that have been documented display that they had begun a search for the perfect energy source to effectively freeze time, relative to the outside world. Eventually, they took an interest in explosives that would lead them down a dangerous path.

Dynamite was utilised for their final jump on April the 8th, 1884. They had a well-established cult and had lured well over 200 people from outside T#2 as well as planting sleeper agents in nearby towns. A pile of explosives with an undiscernible yield was detonated. The time ratio reached incredible levels that are still unknown today. What lasted only a few seconds for them resulted in a jump in time that took them forward forty years.

In 1928 they emerged to find an extensive network of cult agents hidden in almost every scientific institute around the world, all looking for the perfect energy source to return to T#2 and become immortal. Their interest in explosives increased, as well as the potential of electricity. During 1935, the baseline reality branch of the Archivists located T#2 soon after finding their first Threshold. There was much resistance from cult members after archaeological investigations and documentation revealed the true power of T#2. From then on, Archivist personnel kept a close eye on cult activity both within and outside T#2.

Point Lux is created

Twenty years pass and the cult has far-reaching tendrils in many governments, unbeknownst to us at the time. In 1956, a USAF B-47 Stratojet, AF Ser. No. 52-534, on a non-stop mission from ██████, to an overseas base descended into a cloud formation at 14,000 feet over ██████. While preparing for an in-air refuelling the craft vanished, taking along with it 2 nuclear weapon cores. The plane, the cores, and the presumed wreckage were never located. It is now known that the plane was hijacked and landed during the dead of night at an unknown location, where its nuclear payload was carefully removed and the plane hidden in a location that is yet to be found.

On October 4th 1959, a nuclear weapon with a yield of 28 kilotons was detonated at the heart of T#2. 204 Archivists and 400 civilians were permanently blinded, and the time ratio between T#2 and baseline reality was so great that one could not even perceive that time was moving within T#2. Regular documentation over the years has shown a minute time shift, although this could merely be a result of a tiny shift in the location of the camera itself. Current theories predict that the time ratio will return to normal after four million years.


As of now, T#2 is inaccessible. Those who enter will be vaporised instantly by the nuclear blast. It is assumed that most of the cult's loyal members are protected inside a bunker near the edges of T#2's boundaries. The safety hazard posed by the unending light has been a significant issue for Archivist personnel, although a solution has been made with the local government.

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