Crimson Forest

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Difficulty 0/5 Labelled as Eden by some, the Crimson Forest provides abundance and safety to its dwellers.
Entity Count 0/5 The Forest is under the vigilant protection of the Lanterns; they obliterate hostile entities on sight.
Chaos Gradient 1/5 Gravity can at times be confusing in the Forest - yet this surreal nature is stable and exploitable.
Basset-Fraizier Index 0.3/5 The Forest is as close to a paradise as one can define. Many are born and pass on without leaving the Forest's embrace.


The Crimson Forest is safe, if not chilly. We belong here.


Settlers here call the views majestic and humbling.


Geography here folds in on itself in strange ways. Shifting gravity can be disorienting.


The enigmatic Lanterns obliterate hostile entities without remorse.

> Beyond the Fields

You've made it through the darkness. You've reached the Forest's edge. The monsters cannot find you here.

A Sanctuary. A Nation.
The Cradle of Humanity.

Welcome home.

The Crimson Forest is a beguiling thicket blanketed in a chilly fog. It is serene and idyllic under the ever watchful eye of the Lanterns which ward off harmful entities. Much of the soil and flora is tinted shades of crimson and red, giving the Level its moniker. Although there is a higher than average amount of ultisols and ferric oxides in the soil here than in the Field, why the plants all sprout in wondrous shades of red is still unknown.

> Geography & Climate

The Forest is vast. Beyond the reaches of society the woods are largely unexplored and its geography unmapped. Within civilized lands lie familiar things; wide valleys, dense woods, large rolling mountains, and snaking streams are common. Beyond our current reach, well… anything might be waiting for us. What we know is strange about the Forest, however, is the nature of its geographic folding.

The tectonic plates of the Forest do not lay flat — nor wrap around a massive globe like land on Earth. They instead crumple and fold into one another like crinkled paper. In some regions, looking into the sky reveals more of the Forest above you; accessible if you simply keep walking forward long enough to find where the fold is. In these places the concept of “down” is subjective, as reaching a high enough altitude will reverse gravity and have you fall upwards onto the fold above you. The thinnest of these converging plates are mere meters away - while others are miles and miles overhead, lost to the mists. The properties of gravity and up and down are strange but stable — settlers have become quite accustomed to the phenomena.

Weather within the Forest is peaceful and serene. The hanging fog never dissipates, keeping the Level near a chilly 8°C at all times. This fog, produced by the Lanterns, is considered a holy mist… an extension of the Lanterns themselves. Should an Entity borne of malice or evil enter the fog, the Lanterns would feel it; like a spiders web twitching from the touch of a fly.

> Life in the Woods

As for sustenance? The Forest provides. Wild game is plentiful and nutritious flora can be easily cultivated. Much of the running water in the Forest is potable, yet acrid - however water taken from lakes should still be boiled for peace of mind. It is common practice to allow your water to settle in large containers, then removing the silt at the bottom to combat the natural taste.

The Crimson Forest is home to a rich ecosystem of fauna ranging from insects to large mammals and everything in between. Many of these creatures resemble animals reminiscent of Baseline, but nothing living here was previously known to mankind. Eight eyed deer, rust colored moose, squirrels with prehensile tails, colonies of mice which group together in the dozens, and even haunting, silent owls with four wings have been documented among hundreds of other animals. Despite this unique biology, these creatures do not seem unnatural or anomalous. And despite the lack of dangerous entities, be aware of the natural predators which call the Crimson Forest their home. Hulking creatures resembling bears, lithe wild cats and packs of six legged canines are known to live here in harmony with the ecosystem. The Lanterns leave them be, just as they don't seem to mind the presence of humans within the Forest.

> Commonwealth Communities:

The Forest is dotted with dozens of small communities and groupings of cabins - but there are three primary towns of note which make up the Crimson Commonwealth. They are listed below, and represent the large majority of the population within the Level.



Named after the "bleak" white stones on the shores of Lotus Lake, Bleakshore has cultivated a tradition of boating and fishing. This bustling collection of homes is deep within the Forest indeed - drawing the interest of would-be explorers and intrepid travelers.

A peaceful hamlet, which minds its own business.



Rosewood is large community of cabins grouped along the coils of Bigrock River, and is the nearest settlement to the Crimson Fields. As such, strays from Baseline are often brought here for sanctuary.

They perform seed cultivation, soil sampling, mineral panning, and the manufacturing of preserved foods and natural medicines.



Nestled comfortably at the base of the Withered Bluff and the Merlot Peaks, Silkreach is renowned for their masonry and rich resources pulled from the soil.

A dozen generations of terracing have allowed for astounding yields of farming around the community, which are bartered across the Commonwealth.

> Cabins of the Lost

Explorers who venture deeper into the Forest have claimed encounters of humans with crimson tinted skin and pale milky eyes. These strange sightings — not backed by photographic or reliable information — have been largely reduced to nothing more than rumors or stories. Settlers of the commonwealth however believe those who become lost to the woods may become changed by the Forest… that wandering souls seeking a life among the trees become “Clay Men”… empty husks of their former selves who wander the woods silently. Whether true or not, many consider these nothing more than scary stories to tell to children. Frightful ideas to stop the little ones from wandering off alone.


There are many paths to unknown destinations in the Forest. Some even lead to neighboring Limspaces.

> Entrances and Exits

The Crimson Forest is so large that many people grow up, live, and die within this Limspace without ever leaving the woods. However - Limspaces connected to the Forest do exist. Some of these other levels are travelled to in search of resources. Others are visited for soul searching pilgrimage.

One trial that every stray from Baseline must complete is to pass through the Crimson Fields.

When the hanging mist begins to darken, and the light of the Lanterns begin to fade, you may very well be nearing the edge of the Fields where darkness rules, monsters roam, and Baseline intersects in mysterious ways. Many paths lead to the Fields - many of them mapped - but there are surely unknown roads that still lead to that dangerous place.

As well - it is known that many fissures and caves that reach into the ground will open up to the Crimson Wastes if explored deeply enough. These tight passages prevent the Lanterns from reaching into the Wastes - but it is unknown if the Lanterns would wander there if given the chance anyways.

There are no known Thresholds to Baseline in the Forest, but perhaps we have not explored far enough to find them.

Every day, our knowledge of the Crimson System - and how its levels intersect - grows a little more. All we know is that we do not know enough.

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