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Threshold Classification

Difficulty 1/5 Livable, safe, protected.
Entity Count 1/5 Low entity count.
Chaos Gradient 5/5 Multiple levels of increasing anomalies.
Basset-Frazier Index 2.33/5 Overall low to highly anomalous.

Fig.1 Shipwreck in depths, presumed to be several decades old.


This threshold is known by residents as the Bermuda. The first residents chose the name because they had thought they were in the North Atlantic Ocean near the Bermuda island. The threshold consists of a large expanse of water that appears to have no end, along with several vehicles of different time periods including sailboats, ironclads, jets, and planes. The sky is constantly full of dark grey clouds, though somehow light is able to pass through. The water contains large amounts of salt and is not safe to drink. The threshold is divided in layers of safety and anomalies.

The top layer is the surface of the water and is where most residents reside. The surface has dozens of boats that form the land that residents live on. There are no anomalies on the surface. This layer is the safest of the layers and is the best place to get supplies. To go down any further layers requires diving gear which can be purchased or exchanged on the surface.

10 meters below the surface starts layer two. Layer two is known as The Shallows and is generally harmless. The Shallows contains the remains of several destroyed planes and boats. In The Shallows a single entity has been observed. The residents call the entity "The Shark," The Shark's appearance does not match that of any known shark. The Shark is made of a collection of ship parts and bones that resemble the shape of a shark. The Shark has only been seen attacking people who take any objects out of the shallows. The Shark can be avoided as they do not swim as fast as most people. Any damage to its structure is repaired by using scraps found in the shallows. The only other anomaly in The Shallows is visions of ships sinking from far away. Attempts at reaching the ship before it sinks are unsuccessful as upon reaching the ship, the ship vanishes.

30 meters below The Shallows starts layer three. Layer three is known as The Depths. The Depths are very dangerous and contains several entities and anomalies. The Depths are much darker than The Shallows and contains the remains of larger ships and planes. These ships and planes upon being looked at for too long cause people to hallucinate visions of the passengers drowning. One entity species has been seen in The Depths. The entities are referred to as "The Anchors." The Anchors look like ship anchors except covered in algae and moss. The Anchors sneak up on divers by blending in with ships. Upon reaching a diver The Anchor will attempt to wrap around the diver and drag them down. The Anchors are very heavy and it is not recommended to try and lift one. Divers can get free of The Anchor by cutting either the rope or limb that is trapping them.

The last layer starts 100 meters below The Depths and is known as The Abyss. The Abyss is very hazardous, containing dozens of entities and anomalies. The only light capable of existing in The Abyss comes from several of the entities. No flashlights or other light sources work in the Abyss. What is thought to be the remains of submarines and cruiser ships are in The Abyss. The Abyss causes divers to experience vivid hallucinations, paralysis, and blindness. Hallucinations are often of various people drowning and ships sinking. The diver feels as if they are the one drowning even when wearing diving gear. The Anchors are present in The Abyss along with several other entities. Most of these entities resemble marine life made out of pieces of broken ships, although there are some entities that do not fit this form. Most entities that have been found were fished up from The Surface, these include; Crabs made of utensils, angel fish made of glass and wood, parrot fish made of bones, moray eels made of canvas, and barracuda made of gun parts. Some entities visible in The Depths include; jellyfish that rapidly change color, living torpedos, and a whale made out of a submarine. One entity from The Depths is the most dangerous and can threaten life on The Surface. Only parts of the entity have been seen, specifically two of is tentacles. The entity is known as "The Kraken." On several occasions The Kraken has attacked ships on the surface and dragged residents down.


Unification Of The Sea

Unification Of The Sea or UOTS is the largest settlement in the Bermuda. UOTS consists of twelve ships of various origins and time periods. Theses ships are connected by bridges and serve as land. Three of the ships have farms growing on top, two ships have a shop, three ships serve as housing, two ships are for storage, one ships is for meetings, and the last ship gets sent out to other settlements for trading. UOTS has 43 residents and is willing to accept more. UOTS willingly trades with outsiders and offers housing in exchange for work. UOTS has enough supplies and work to be self sustaining. UOTS was founded by several unknown ship crews who had been fighting when transported. UOTS is a safe place to stay while trying to escape.

The Bermuda Pirates

The Bermuda Pirates often referred to as The Pirates are a group of pirates that consists of three sloops and a crew of 20. The Pirates are to be avoided and not trusted as they are dangerous. The Pirates steal from the other settlements and often kill other wanderers. Despite efforts to befriend The Pirates, The Pirates still attack any settlements they find. UOTS has set a bounty for The Pirates and is willing to pay in supplies to anyone who can destroy them. The Pirates have several cannons and guns so it is best to avoid them.


Divers is a small group of 13 wanderers who attempt to reach the bottom of The Abyss. Each of the Divers is constantly wearing Diving Suits with their leader wearing a hardhat diving suit. The Divers have gained resistance to the effects of The Abyss and are known to be able to fight off entities using harpoons. The Divers have one ship and one submarine. They generally like to be left alone but are willing to allow wanderers to stay for a while. The Divers are the reason for most of the information about the Abyss as they are some of the only people to dive to that layer.


5335 is a large battleship that houses an unknown number of people. 5335 is stationary and will attack with its cannons at any ship that gets near. Occasionally people have been seen on the ship, attempts at communication have proved fruitless. UOTS has made speculations about whether 5335 is actually a entity or a highly defensive crew.

Entrances and Exits


Entrance into Bermuda occurs when a vehicle moves through a large grey storm in the Bermuda Triangle. Upon the storm passing the vehicle will find itself in Bermuda and missing communication devices.


Exit from Bermuda is only possible by going through a sinkhole. Sinkholes are very rare and give no warning of their appearances.

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