This Sewer System Hates You

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Independent Venturer report on the threshold "Sewer Travel", written by Venturer Reginald on 11/27/2017 and compiled by Archivist Sarn for upload to the Archives.

Liminal Activity Report


Photograph of Sewer Travel (Stage 1), located in Brussels, Belgium

Class: Threshold Status: Active
Hostility: Aggressive Strength: Moderate
Prevalence: Rare Intelligence: Unknown

While on a trip to Brussels, I decided it might be worth venturing into some of the more obscure (of course, obscure by our standards is practically unheard of) liminal phenomena in the area. Looking through the database I found this entry, which was little more than a handful of miscellaneous details and tips at the time, with some records dating back to the Cloaca Maxima of Rome being connected to this thing. The official name is "Sewer Travel" but I think it'd be more apt to call it "The Worst Fast Travel System Ever Devised" (WFTSED) because it is, simply put, fucking awful. I don't know if this thing is sentient, but by God, it knows how to create the vilest, most uncomfortable experience possible for anyone unlucky enough to find themselves traveling through.


The WFTSED is fairly simple in theory, although it grows increasingly complex and horrific as you travel deeper into the sewer. You'll go through 5 distinct stages, with each stage having its own unique exits and qualities. Depending on where you want to go, you'll need to stop at the right stage or else you'll wind up somewhere else entirely. I've detailed each stage in the section below, so it should be easy enough to find which stage you need to reach, or to quit because it's not worth reaching; each stage is more disgusting than the last. I'd recommend printing this and then putting it in some sort of waterproof pouch because I highly advise against bringing anything electronic. Nothing lethal, it'll just ruin your phone no matter what.

Once you're at the desired stage, just look for the right exit in the ceiling. Not all sewers have the same kinds of exits, but I think most of them have manhole covers. They're usually labeled as well, although I'm not sure who's labeling them, but when it comes to liminal spaces, it follows our own classifications. It may take a while to find your desired destination, but it always seems to show up no matter what. I tested it with a few locations from the Liminal Archives and I was always able to find the right manhole.

This stage has the appearance of a normal, rundown sewer. There are no obvious liminal properties yet.

Accessible from this stage: Nothing yet. You must travel deeper to reach a destination.

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