Pulsus Abyssorum
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Photo depicting the surface of Threshold#4.

T#4 designates a circular threshold ten kilometers in diameter and located about the Oceanic Point of Inaccessibility.1
No species which occur naturally above the ocean's midnight zone have been observed within Threshold Four, meaning that the marine population of Threshold Four is comprised purely of extremophile organisms adapted to live in high pressure and zero light environments. Through an unknown mechanism, these species are able to survive in these shallower waters despite normal biological obstacles and have filled unique niches in the low pressure environment. Other abnormalities observed in said species include a general increase in size, increased aggression and an inexplicable attraction towards Threshold#4.

> Discovery of Threshold#4


Specimen of a monkfish caught by a fishing boat.

Threshold 4 was brought to the attention of the Turner Association by reports of sailors, many of which gave witness accounts and sightings of organisms typically found in the deep ocean somehow flourishing in the Threshold's surface waters. In addition, other sailors claimed to have seen 17th-century style galleons riding the waves on the horizon and then disappearing. Later the whole coast of a little known island was covered by fish chum.2 Finally, four sailors report that during a fishing trip they heard a deafening roar and saw an enormous tail, different from any animal known to date, that came out of the sea surface and then immediately returned to the ocean depths. By triangulating the position of all these events it has been found that the perfect center of it is none other than Point Nemo. The Turner Association therefore decided to organize an expedition to the center of T#4 to understand what was happening.
The entire expedition is detailed in Log-T#4.

> Turner Association's Discovery of Threshold#4

The following audio log is a recap of the expedition led by members of the Turner Association, marine biologists and paramilitary troops. It illustrates the enigmatic nature of Threshold#4 and the strange occurences within it.

> Document recovered from the depths of T#4

About six weeks after the Point Nemo expedition, a hermetically sealed 500ml can of Monster was found on the shores of the island closest to T#4.
This is very unusual as the inhabitants of the island are very xenophobic and tend to have a bad view of everything that comes from the outside world.
Using a laser we managed to open the can, inside there was a piece of damp paper possibly torn from a diary.
The content of the piece of paper is as follows:

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