The Home
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Difficulty 0/5 Someone will take care of you.
Entity Count 0/5 You are alone.
Chaos Gradient 0/5 You know, don't you?
Basset-Frazier Index null You know.1



The bathtub.

The Home is a liminal space consisting of 4 rooms branching from a central bathroom. Its entrance is in a long-abandoned family home in Springfield, Massachusetts. To enter The Home, make your way through the dilapidated remnants of the surrounding building to the bathroom, where a warm bath bubbles and froths, waiting for you. Step in and submerge yourself then immediately pull yourself out.2 Ignore the flesh smell.

Upon leaving the water the room around will be transformed - no longer cluttered and in disrepair, now clean and shiny, the air smelling of soap and milk. Around you appear colorful toys of coral and fishes, some floating on the water's surface, some sitting on the bottom of the tub. From the central room you will see 3 doors, 2 of which appear where there once was none.3 Do not open the shutters. Do not look outside the window.


A small room, filled with wondrous sights. Everything is huge to you - you wonder how the other people manage. Someones walk around, chopping vegetables, taking phone calls, speaking loud-loud to one another, writing things you can't understand - occasionally, they bring a plate up. It's always amazing.

Perhaps one day you will be just like them.



  • Submerge into the tub.


  • Submerge into the waters.4

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