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Level Classification

Difficulty 2/5 Level 13 is safe in its construction although entites lurk throughout the level.
Entity Count 3/5 There are many entities in Level 13, many of which are docile if not messed with.
Chaos Gradient 1/5 Glitches rarely happen, and even if they do, they usually affect the walls or the floor.
Basset-Frazier Index 2/5 This level is a good place to settle down after the hell of level 12 and the other quantum stable levels. Overall, this is one of the better levels in the quantam fluctuant series and provides a end goal for many wanderers throughout the backrooms.


An image taken of a Level 13 hallway.


The apartment complex of Level 13 is a contained building with an abnormal, over abundance of internal space, housing a multitude of rooms that its apparent exterior size shouldn't be able to contain. Large, but by no means infinite, the level has been roughly mapped over time and physically stretches out into a multi-floored complex of long hallways, clusters of rooms, and tangles of dark entity-infested corridors. As if made by some design the complex contains replenishing food and resources — making it a highly contested location to settle down and colonize. Low-end estimates suggest a few thousand people could comfortably live here, high-end estimates suggest Level 13 could sustain a colony of well over a hundred thousand individuals if properly managed.

However, due to casualties from the entity nests and frequent conflict occurring over the ownership of Level 13, these population estimates are only suited for exercises of thought and little more. Rarely does the complex boast over 150 residents at any time.

Curiously enough, the apartment complex of Level 13 can be thought of as a system 'hub' due to its connection to other levels. When living here, be sure to take the stairs to get around, for the Elevators reach deep into the Backrooms System and take you to a number of other levels. This fascinating (and extremely useful) transport between levels has added to the complexity of the ownership of the complex. Reliable intra-level transport can be regulated and extorted: a concept many envious brigands are acutely aware of. It is not uncommon for the ownership of the housing and elevators of Level 13 to trade hands — most often by force — at the hands of small militarized groups of raiders.

"Honestly, nine times outta ten these guys are just a bunch of cranked up wackos hungry for some violence, hungry for a scrap of food. They're gonna take the level, fuckin realize just how big it is, realize they can't hold it, and tear themselves apart with, fuckin infighting and shit. Happens every time. Go to Level 14, grab some buddies, wait a few days and go back and clean em out. Raider shitstains? Never expect the UNCB boys to come back and take what's ours from the scum of the outskirts. That's just how 13 is. Always will be."

— Viktor Feodosijovych, UNCB Citizen

Residents of Level 13 are 'on the grid' with access to a single Precursor Terminal within the level, in a room colloquially known as the lobby; which also houses a single strange entity. Come to be known as the Receptionist, they are a docile and mostly unresponsive humanoid creature who hands out keys to the many rooms in the apartment. New residents are encouraged to seek out the lobby when they arrive — it's a harmless ritual to sign your name into the Terminal and ask the Receptionist for a room. You've made it to Level 13, add your name. Leave your mark.


▸⠀As of this writing, the complex of Level 13 is under the ownership of a UNCB aligned colony of 53 members, proudly calling themselves by the name "Family of the Cobra". They have been working with groups on Level 1, 4, 5 and 14 with moving citizens, materials and supply chains through the elevator systems for the betterment of humanity.

Entrances and Exits


Level 13 can be entered in three ways. It can be entered through an apartment building found on Level 12, or can be entered through no-clipping in Level 11. It can also be entered by an elevator found on Level 14.


You can exit Level 13 by entering an elevator found at the end of any hallway. This can take you to Level 14 or 4. Level 13 can also be exited by entering the lobby and leaving through the pair of bronze doors in the room. That will take you to Level 12.

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