Collective Dream

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Posterity Report
Operative: Saffron K.

The Collective Dream, The Pandora's Box.

And the Death of Bradley Cooper.

Watch this – I'm going to perform a magic trick.
You had nightmares last night, vivid ones, of him, didn't you…?

The Leviathan of the Oxygen Ocean.

So did I. We all did. You may recall most of us woke up screaming. Some of you couldn't stop clawing at your temples. Commendable action to those who managed your sanity and got your comrades stable – don't think for a second you're not heroes who prevented further casualties. I'm writing this report to clear some of the air and keep everyone abreast of the situation. Being resolute in the face of this new threat will save lives, so pay some close fucking attention.

What happened was no random act or manifestation of the Backrooms. It was a deliberate mental attack on humanity to tell us one thing and one thing only: that we woke up in a new paradigm today. A reality under the threat of the Leviathan and his awareness. With his gaze cast upon us there is now no timeline in which we are invisible to him again.

If you haven't yet, see Brandon Cooper's final report. That report was posted at the same time we were having our collective nightmare of deep sea monsters. While we were dreaming, the Leviathan was using Cooper as a proxy for their first contact.

Cooper is dead, as the Leviathan promised. Our new friend killed him from a level we've never even seen before by compromising his mind. This is real. We do not know why Cooper was the Leviathan's target or how to prevent these attacks in the future – but we can try.

We will prioritize sanity, emotional stability, and mental aptitude from here on out. A "buddy system" will be instated for mental checkups and sleeping arrangements. We will be encouraging dream journals for all UNCB citizens and we ask you report any strange emotions or visions to your local Directors as soon as they arise. Prepare for further procedures in the upcoming hours from your authorities.

Understand that non-compliance to these measures puts yourself and everyone else at risk. We are not aware of the full potential of the Leviathans influence, but are not ruling out any possibilities. Our minds are our inner sanctums. Protect yours.

Furthermore, discussion is being made regarding the Database. Had we not deciphered the details of the Ocean the Leviathan may never have made contact with us. For now the project is halted. We never imagined that simply knowing something could cost the lives of our fellow brothers and sisters. But we know now.

Forget yesterday. The future is here, and it is terrifying.

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