Collab Contest 2021

Collab Contest 2021


Welcome to the Collab Con! In this contest, members will be paired up randomly and will work together in order to write the best entry possible. You and your partner may enter any type of article: consider what types of articles the site is lacking, and consider what your writing strengths and weakness are and how to balance them with your partner's.

The Collab Contest is over!

Congratulations to our two first-place teams darkZPlays does not match any existing user name x Jameson_RainJameson_Rain and knaffladknafflad x TwhalliiiiiTwhalliiiii for tying for first place with a rating of 5 on each of their entries: Door to Somewhere and Level 13 (Re-write), respectively.

An additional congratulations to our other two teams who submitted works, with AlmardukAlmarduk x totallyunisontotallyunison taking second place with a rating of 4 on their entry Crumbling Desert and VizloxVizlox x ExceriumExcerium taking third for Andato a Pescare: The Lake Vessels with a rating of +2.

While collaboration work is never easy and comes with a number of challenges, these four teams made it through the process and each submitted some fantastic work. As Liminal grows and challenges itself we only strengthen our friendships and continue to push the envelope for LA fiction and it is so awesome to see.

Contest entrants: leave your contest article as-is. You may repost your entries as official entries on new pages with the appropriate tags. Make any additional edits on your sandbox before uploading, and make sure to get crit if you didn't already. The existing contest entries will remain archived and voting is now locked.

Once articles are reuploaded, users should vote on them again based on the merits of the article on its own, rather than in the context of a contest. Also, if the article undergoes any major editing before re-uploading, you should reread before voting.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this contest so great! We look forward to the next one!



Create a submission by entering "CollabCon" followed by your username. For example, a user named Chad would create the page CollabConChad. Contact knaffladknafflad or another staff member once you've submitted so that it can be added to the list.

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