Bermuda's Wrath

(Bermudas Wrath)

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Bermuda's Wrath

The Consuming Fog

Difficulty 5/5 Death is almost a guarantee
Entity Count 1/5 Minor amount of entities. Avoidable entities.
Chaos Gradient 1/5 Little to no changes in limspace.
Basset-Frazier Index 2.33/5 A slow death.


fig 1.0 Lost ship within Bermuda's Wrath.


The sea is not to be underestimated. Many have challenged the waters to achieve their goals, seeking power, wealth, and wisdom. There are countless stories of brave adventurers and heartless conquerors who did get what they searched for. However, these challengers are the minority of people who challenged the sea. The waters have swallowed countless ships with their sinister whirlpools, demonic spirits, beasts of terror, and hateful oceans. The planes are no exception for the sea has countermeasures to all that would oppose it. Humans have begun to bow beneath the sea by charting their routes and marking areas to avoid. Of these places, one has grown into a great legend feared by many. It is one of many places where the Lost go but is unique in that once it gets hold of its prey, it never lets it go.

The Bermuda Triangle is a name that even those uninformed on limspaces can recognize. To most people,
The Bermuda Triangle is a roughly triangular area of the North Atlantic Ocean between Puerto Rico, Miami, and Bermuda Island where many ships and planes have gone missing. They fling around flimsy theories such as water phenomena, gases, and aliens. However, they are not even right in Bermuda’s location let alone the causation of the disappearances. Bermuda is not an area that is bound to one place. The triangular area that people believe in is just a broad estimate of where the disappearances can occur. However, Bermuda is not an area at all but rather an entity of hatred. The true location is Bermuda’s Wrath.


Dense, choking, and humid fog lies domineering over the entirety of Bermuda's Wrath waters, preventing any outside light from breaking through into the space. The water is still and cloudy like a fogged mirror. The air is stale, the wind is nonexistent, and the dread is ever looming. All that one can do is let their ship rock amidst the sea and hope for salvation. However, salvation is only granted to a few.

The lucky few may eventually drift into another ship. If the other crew is still present, the two could endure the desolation together. There is no need for conflict as their supplies are of no use anymore. Nothing will stop the body's eventual death and the soul's ripping. Those trapped within the fog no longer need to take care of their bodies. Food can still be eaten but provides no nourishment. Water is likewise unneeded. Their bodies are left to age and wither away without any way to halt the decline. Not even sleep can save them as every dream is of fog. Bermuda does not allow people to die until they are at their weakest and most broken point. Crews could live for decades with nothing to do but converse with the same souls they have lived with upon their crumbling ship. Those without crews are left to their mind in isolation. It is a slow death.

A portion of the journal written by well-known Thalasso Charter William Goner who survived Bermuda's Wrath:

Entry 85

Louis jumped overboard into the cursed water. I warned him not to. Half the crew jumped up to try and rescue him or to see what the commotion was about. He kept swimming away from the ship as we pleaded for him to return. Then the chain got him. In an instant, Louis was plunged under the water. We never saw him again. I stared at the murky somewhat reflective water for what felt like days. I had nothing better to do. Except for writing in the journal, there isn’t much to write about.

We finished all the remaining food. The food provided some joy but now that it is gone, our tongues are left wanting more. So we tried fishing again but no fish bit. Every time someone felt a pull on the rod, nothing would be pulled up. It was as if the water was taunting us. We ran out of tears to cry after the first couple of years. Well, we don’t know how long it has been. The fog has not cleared and we lost track of time.

It is heartbreaking that the only joy we receive is when one of us finally dies. They are finally freed to move on. Our bonds were great before entering the fog but now they are all we have. I know all of my comrade's pasts down to the finest details and likewise, they know mine. They know as much about my daughter as I do. They know the joys and sorrows I had before boarding the ship. Deep down we all cry out for each other’s salvation. If only one of us got out of here alive, we would all rejoice. I want to dream again.

Entry 86

The silence is even greater now. All of my friend’s bodies lay around me preserved in the fog. Their sullen eyes show glimpses of happiness but also longing. I would move them together for a funeral but my body is just as weak as they are. My hands shake so much it is hard to write anymore. Perhaps my time is coming soon.

Entry 87

It has been a while since I have written here. I had lost all my strength shortly after my last entry. However, I am now more lively than ever! I was saved from the fog! Here is how.

As I began to close my eyes for the final time I saw a looming shadow in the fog. It turned out to be a ship like that of old explorers. I thought that it was another unfortunate crew that got lost in the fog but instead, it was my long-awaited rescuer. They stood easily over 9 feet tall! Their garb was like that of the reaper. Moving past all of the bodies, they reached out their shadowed arms to grab me. They felt warm. It's hard to admit but I started crying harder than I ever had. In silence, they brought me back to their ship.

They comforted me and told me many things. They were simply known as The Navigator and their job was to find lost people like me to save them. However, their job has been getting harder as the fog is getting thicker, the Bound are growing, and Bermuda is increasingly angry. All of these things didn’t make sense to me at the time but now that I have made it to the other side, I realize what I need to do. I need to save others just as The Navigator saved me. To do this, I need to chart the way so that no one gets lost.

— William Goner, Charter

Sometimes, a light like that from a lantern may flicker to life in the fog. The people cry out to them in their broken voices. However, the light extinguishes just as the people's hope dies. These lights are the only nongray color in Bermuda’s Wrath.

The foolish who attempt to swim to safety are met by Bermuda’s slaves. The Bound are anchors given life and a command to drag people into the murky waters. They move like sea snakes efficiently through the grey water towards their targets before coiling around them and sinking. The people caught don’t drown as they are pulled farther and farther into the dark waiting till Bermuda allows them to perish.

Bermuda’s Wrath is a place of endless torment. However, there is still a glimmer of hope—The Navigator. The Navigator commands a ship of bones and salvaged ship parts from several generations in search of the lost ships and planes. If they encounter someone still clinging to their life, The Navigator takes them by the hand into their ship to carry them into a better world. When they find dead crews, they take their bodies to put them to better use. The Navigator is the only hope in the gray fog. They are the only escape for not even death saves the soul.

Only the blurry stories of the survivors provide the nature and appearance of The Navigator. It supposedly wore a thick black cloak that concealed its tall form. In place of its face was darkness only broken by a dim flame. The Navigator would comfort the people and provide them with unleavened bread and golden fruit. After the rescue was rested, The Navigator would tell wondrous stories from across many worlds about explorers and beasts alike.

The Navigator has told their rescues a multitude of valuable insights about Bermuda's Wrath. Thanks to this information, we know that Bermuda is a living entity that harvests the souls of its victims. Studies into the soul have been done for centuries but no conclusive theories have been formed and accepted. To some, The Navigator is simply spreading lies while to others, The Navigator is giving crucial truths. In the end, Bermuda is definitely harvesting something from its victims of the fog. While no direct answer has been given, it is believed that Bermuda is a representation of the ocean and the damage humanity is causing it. This would explain Bermuda's hatred towards humans.

"To most, your souls are meaningless. However, Bermuda is not like most. She is vengeful to a point far beyond death. Your souls feed her wrath. I fear that one day, the fog will prevent me from stopping her. So I say to you and all those who you will spread my message, light the way through the fog."

— The Navigator



Being swallowed by the fog of Bermuda's Wrath.


So far the only known escape from Bermuda's Wrath is through The Navigator. Outside the fog, The Navigator takes their rescues to the sea of Giant's Rest where they are dropped off at the dock city of Bonecap.

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