Backrooms Writing Guide


While The Backrooms Archive only makes up 1/3 of our wiki it still has quite a lot of popularity and content. This content can range from the things that make up Levels to machines created by Archivists. We explore how to write in this style and explain what The Backrooms Archive is all about.

What are The Backrooms?

In simple terms, The Backrooms is one of the most special Limspace Systems. In more complicated terms, The Backrooms is an ever-expanding Limspace System that will eventually devour everything. It affects time in a way where you could enter and reappear in the past or the future. Time within, however, remains unchanged.

Within The Backrooms lays levels, Limspaces within The Backrooms. These levels are the collective subconscious of the Multiverse, the nightmares, fears, hopes, and dreams that manifest into a physical thing. They can be dangerous or safe, scary or nightmarish.

While levels may sound like just scary locations, that's not all of it. Backrooms levels focus more on liminality than scariness (note: our name). Liminality is the state of being in-between, like a half-furnished room or something that feels too empty. It could also mean familiar places. This is the basis for levels.

Different types of levels do exist and typically expand on lore or start it. These different types of levels are known as Secret and Sub-levels. Secret levels are oddballs, they either don't fit in or have something that happened to them. Sub-levels expand on the lore of a specific level and are typically interesting.

The Elements

The Backrooms contain more than just levels. The things that make up and are inside levels are thrown in the mix as well. These include level elements, entities, and objects. Level elements are specific parts of levels that other levels share, entities are creatures created or mutated by The Backrooms, objects are items that have different uses in The Backrooms or are created by it.

These elements make up most of the levels, however, they aren't required.

The Backrooms Tone

While the Limspace Archive focuses on freedom and the Baseline Archive focuses on formality, The Backrooms Archive remains as a middle ground. The tone focuses on being informative yet having a feeling of mystery as if you should explore deeper.

Withholding information is interesting, and making stories spread across multiple articles is great.

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