Backrooms Limspace System


The Backrooms System is many things, and individual levels can vary, but most can be characterized by many of the same elements: man-made architecture, in decay, and distorted beyond comfort; digital creations, extrapolated into physical form; lost media, now found with new identity; each level, existing as part of the whole, rarely isolated. These themes can be found in abundance, everywhere but the aberrant levels.

Recommended Reading

> The Halls - BFI 1.000 | +75 (+81, -6) 4★

Yellow halls which never end - home to the cradle of UNCB civilization and maddeningly barren. The entrance to the Backrooms Limspace System.

> The Office - BFI 1.333 | +36 (+40, -4) 4★

Twisting, non-Euclidean office spaces dimly lit by windows through which an endless thunderstorm rages. Many have made this level their home.

> Voltaic Urchins - PI 2.333 | +18 (+18, -0) 5★

Stationary creatures that nestle into corners and leach off electricity. Avoid contact, lest you be perceived as a threat.

> Carpet Bears - PI 1.300 | +32 (+33, -1) 4★

As if growing out of the floor itself, these shambling mounds of coarse tan fur like to nap with their faces covered by massive paws.

> Smilers - PI 3.333 | +42 (+45, -3) 4★

Mysterious specters known to stalk wanderers. They are identified by their radiant row of white teeth that gleam in the dark.

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