Backrooms Limspace System


â €Core Quantum-Stable Levels:1

> Level 1 - The Halls - BFI 0.667

Yellow halls which never end - home to the cradle of UNCB civilization and maddeningly barren. The entrance to the Backrooms Limspace System.

> Level 2 - The Basement - BFI 1.667

A maze of industrial concrete hallways beneath an infinite metal latticework of cogwell stars. Capital of the Liberated peoples of the Backrooms.

Claustrophobic service tunnels which feel as though they're deep underground… stuffed with machinery and pipes. Devoid of resources or known settlements.

Level 4 is filled with unmaintained electro shock hazards. The power grid of Level 4 powers other nearby levels through quantum entanglement.

> Level 5 - The Office - BFI 1.333

Twisting, non-euclidean office spaces dimly lit by windows through which an endless thunderstorm rages. Many have made this level their home.

> Level 6 - The Hotel - BFI 1.667

The decor and atmosphere of the Hotel is at first appealing - but do not stray here long, lest you become lost and without memory of where you came from.

> Level 7 - The Darkness - BFI 3.667

Avoid at all costs.
Nothing but darkness, death, and entities await you here.

A lost city stranded and sinking within an endless salty ocean. Beware the wildlife, and be sure you know how to swim.

> Level 9 - Cramped Caves - BFI 3.333

The caves have been known to wedge travellers into tight spots without hope of escape - where either slowly rising water or toxic spiders will finish you off.

> Level 10 - Almond Fields - BFI 1.667

Home to a multitude of communities, but also the Harvest - making this level both idyllic and acutely treacherous. The source of almond grain.

Silence, howling winds, and midnight suburbs underneath the unblinking cogwell stars. Beware the Bavarian Elites, who work and recruit in secret.

A once thriving metropolis obliterated by the scorching winds of a supernova - left to burn, festering with anomalous entities. Hell in Limspace.

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