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> Area Classification

Danger Rating 3/5 Area 4 has minimal psychological effects, extreme and immediate health concerns with mold and is in a state of total disrepair. Use of proper equipment is necessary even in the outside parts of the facility, this is due to the density of mold spores in the air.
Pest Count 5/5 The only pest currently alive is a type of hazardous mold, though there are non-human remains in certain rooms. The mold has significantly overgrown throughout the facility in every single copy explored thus far.
Instability 0/5 Geometry follows the building schematics but occupies far more space than the original, uniformly layed out in rows and columns in all cardinal directions.
SUMMARY 2.67/5 Overall not a significant danger to personel if properly equipped to handle the mold.

Information being accessed was held on a previously unseen type of storage medium.

Though we have made leaps and bounds in our understanding of it, we have yet to grasp all of the intricacies of the technology involved.

In essence, we aren't miracle workers. I'm trying to work with… THIS… as best as I can.

> Description


fig 1.0 Area 4

Area 4 is a mess of corridors, laboratories, stairways, catwalks, and storage rooms. The imposing visage from the windows within can be terrifying if you are not used to the sheer magnitude of SPRs. Thankfully, this is a rare example of an SPR one could learn to navigate expertly.

The main facility as well as surrounding underground passageways repeat themselves endlessly, copied and pasted next to one another in all cardinal directions. However, it has been determined that there are parts of the facility missing. This is based on pieces of information found by wanderers inside that indicate the presence of areas hidden from the standard facility map.

Due to information from documents wanderers have collected, it has been concluded that the facility was once managed by an advanced artificial intelligence known as ADAM; the sector of the facility dedicated to housing ADAM appeared to be the epicenter of the entire complex. Although in every instance of the building discovered thus far it has been a failure to locate such a section.

The buildings do not precisely match the original map. There are some unique differences to each instance due to time having passed, because the facility is not actively being maintained.

The buildings themselves appear to have 'grown’, like plants. Damage to the ground around each instance of the building indicates that massive amounts of soil were pushed out of the way by rapidly moving structures that grew from the center of the complex outwards.

This SPR does feature an exit through to our reality. If one finds a device present in any copy of the facility, known as an 'Artificial-Threshold-Generator.' The device will cause significant changes in its current section of the SPR, almost resembling the effects of gateways on earth.

> Notable Threats (Environmental)

The first thing you will notice when you enter progress labs is the mold; based on the information procured on-site it has been deduced an experimental form of pest-based bio-weaponry was used to render the facility uninhabitable to humans. Without proper ventilation equipment, a typical wanderer will find themselves rendered immobile by the highly toxic mold in a matter of minutes; followed shortly by total and permanent loss of brain function.

If one does come prepared for this danger, the facility itself offers geometry far less confusing than most Areas. Based on several measurements we have found that the space itself is a 1km by 1km-by-1km section of the original site, repeating endlessly in all directions and facing North. This makes it possible to successfully navigate this SPR using just a map and trail marking equipment.

Other dangers to watch out for would include deteriorated safety railing, broken glass, rust, and weak platforms. It is best to remain low to the ground unless you or someone more experienced can guarantee your footing is safe.

> Notable Threats (Sapient)

Because of the accurate mapping and highly sought-after information present at the site, this area is a hotbed of exploration groups for various lesser factions in Earth. This means it is entirely possible to find other groups regularly that are hungry for the resource caches present, regardless of Oculus’s official ownership of the site.

Technically, the mold spores present at the site are pests and dangerous ones too. They seem to be adapted specifically to make quick work of the human body; even brief exposure will become a serious risk.

In earlier years of the locations discovery, it was assumed that the AI system called ADAM was present somewhere in the level. Based on accounts of his processing speed and the advanced technology involved in his creation, it could be assumed that he was a significant risk to human life on Earth; The assumption that ADAM is present in the area has changed over the years to a consensus that ADAM is housed now in a separate SPR.

> Additional Information

The drive containing this file was recovered inside Area 4, accessible at the site of the main headquarters of defunct research company: Progress Laboratories Incorporated. As such, we cannot personally verify its authenticity with absolute certainty.

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