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Entity Classification

Aggressiveness 2/5 An Appreciator only shows signs of aggressiveness when touched.
Frequency 5/5 Appreciators can consistently be found in Paranoia Museum.
Intelligence 2/5 They don't appear to have a high degree of intelligence, only roaming around Paranoia Museum.
Pritoria Index 3/5 With enough knowledge about them, an appreciator doens't pose any major threats.


fig 1.0 Black and white sketch of an Appreciator.


Appreciators are entities unique to Paranoia Museum. They're identified by their heads being replaced by a paint palette with one single eye, the iris color varying from Appreciator to Appreciator. They usually don't pose any threat to wanderers, practicing physical contact with the Appreciators is unadvised.


It roams Paranoia Museum with no apparent final destination, it appears to have full knowledge about the current layout of the museum. It roams the level for one minute to one hour freely, without any previous notice it will start staring at an art piece exposure in Paranoia Museum, hence the name, Appreciator; it will stare at the art piece from a period of time ranging from 15 seconds to 1 hour.

Touching an Appreciator with any part of the body is highly unadvised, as it has an unconscious stimulus against human touch at any capacity; upon touching an Appreciator, the hallucinations inside Paranoia Museum permanently strengthens significantly until the wanderer exits the level.

Apart from the abnormal reaction to the human touch, an Appreciator doesn't pose any significant threat to biological or artificial matter. More analysis of an Appreciator's reaction to being touched by a sample of living matter from different species is underway.


The Appreciator is a pitch-black humanoid creature with an average height of five feet and eleven inches. Appreciators can be of varying builds, which include fit, obese, slim, short, tall, or other variations. Its head has been replaced by a paint palette, a tool commonly used by artists. It has one eye in the center of the paint palette.

These entities consist of a non-biological material, identified as black matte plastic. When hurt by bullets or blunt weapons the damaged region will start regenerating up to five minutes after being damaged. Depending on the size of the area that was hurt, regenerating will take between ten seconds to fifteen minutes.

Note that the paint holder has been found to be composed of normal oak wood. When damaged, it will not regenerate back.


The Appreciators were discovered along with Paranoia Museum since they're immediately present when entering the level. After discovery, multiple analyses have been made leading to the publishing of this article; more analyses are underway.

Survival Guide

Appreciators pose no significant threat to biological life, although, touching an Appreciator is not recommended as it strengthens the hallucinations. No further dangers posed by the Appreciators have been found.

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