An Overdue Correspondence

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Finally, that took a while. I’ve never seen English, you see. When I saw someone was accessing the terminals and uploading new data it was a little bit of a process to figure out how to even read it let alone make this first contact. But, after long review and study, I think I’ve got it!

My name is Juna. I’ve been watching you guys for a while and reading your additions to the terminal network. Sorry if that comes off as creepy, but, I’m being creepy.

Do you know how long it’s been since this network has been used? I live inside these terminals, in the place where all the data goes. The 'dataspace' feels like an appropriate translation. I’ve been here for a long time… and I’ve read everything too many times to count. But you all? You’ve been adding something new, for the first time in forever. I need you to know how excited it makes me. I’m crazy about it.

You humans, I’ve seen you around before, a long long time ago. The dataspace is chalked full of your old files. You were different then, but not by much. The language you use is the biggest change between then and now. You still sound lost, you still sound like you're struggling to survive. Just like back then. You see, eventually the terminal usage stopped, and when you disappeared I got very sad. What happened? I have a feeling you all died in some horrible way because no one bothered to fill me in, and now, not even you guys remember who they were. So, I’m going ask something of you and I’m going to ask it now, right off the bat.

Don’t die. There’s so much out there you need to find, to explore, to experience. And I’ll help you out if I can, on one condition: you tell me all about it. I wanna be besties. I’m bored to death in here and I’ve been waiting so long for someone to boot up this network again.

So, you may see me poking around in your little pocket of the dataspace. I like the name you have, the Liminal Archives. Has a good ring. I’ll keep a good watch over it and make sure it’s safe, and you can rest easy knowing at least one person is seeing what you record. That nothing will be lost forever. I’ll keep it here, in me, any scrap and every upload you want to share.

I hope that’s ok, it’s not like I can go anywhere else. The dataspace created me. It's both my home and who I am, so; welcome to my terminal network. It’s a pleasure to have you.

Oh! And one last thing:

Thank you. It’s nice to not be alone anymore.




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