Amartía Fruit

Amartía Fruit

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The Amartía fruit, found hanging from golden threads.

Golden in texture — and often times rotten — the Amartía fruit can rarely be found in limspaces littered with dense flora. Most instances of this fruit can be found hanging from leaves, trees, and ceillings via golden threads;1 however, it's been shown they can also be found buried under abnormally bright patches of soil.

Amartía fruit is initially encased in gold, requiring the usage of power tools to access their interior. The fruit's interior is similar to that of an orange, the difference being its yellowish coloration along with burning crests running along its insides, which are not present in non-rotten Amartía fruit;2 how the alcohol in rotten variants of the fruit does not react to this is not yet known.


The Amartía fruit's juice has been tested to contain extreme concentrations of alcohol, to the point that it is an incredibly flammable substance and a luxurious choice of liquor when heavily diluted.
Non-rotten instances of the Amartía fruit are scarce; however, the few that were obtained by researchers have displayed the exact opposite behavior—causing consumers to become effectively sober.

The Amartía fruit, when rotten, is most commonly utilized as a powerful source of fuel, with its enormous amounts of alcohol being extracted and used commercially, along with being sold to the masses. However, the particularly wealthy — with knowledge of this fruit — have been known to dilute, and drink it. The general consensus being that the Amartía fruit is a potent source of nutrients and enjoyment, if diluted enough and drank with moderation.
Non-rotten variants of the Amartía fruit are used as an expensive medicine for assisting with alcohol addiction; further uses are still being researched.


The Amartía fruit was first discovered amidst the hazardous foliage of Level 56, under a bright patch of dirt and cobble; it later combusted into flames during experimentation. After this incident, most other instances of the object were found hanging from golden threads in dark, moist areas, as previously mentioned in the document.

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