The Night

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UPDATED 08/22/19

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The Night is a Limspace more based on rumors and hypotheticals than solid information. It exists in the Archive’s databases as a theoretical locale posing answers to a piece of as-of-yet indecipherable phenomena concerning the whereabouts of countless unlocated wanderers. In fact, there’s so little information about the Limspace as of writing this, that we don’t even know what it looks like.

According to the theories of many a wanderer, the Night is impossible to enter intentionally, rather believed to pick and choose specifically who it abducts as though it were sentient. Those believed to be trapped in the Limspace would reportedly claim a tide of negative emotion or some extreme sense of foreboding would come over them for days or even weeks in advance of their disappearance. Quite often these emotional bouts are seen as uncharacteristic of the vanished individual, with their behavior remaining as such until they are abducted and never seen again.

Some believe the Limspace itself is sentient, taking wanderers by the hundreds or even thousands every year for some unknown purpose. Others believe the Night is the byproduct of an unknown Entity, who created the locale themselves and continuously lures unfortunate individuals into its domain.


There are no known communities established within the Night Limspace.

Entrances and Exits


The means as to how one enters this Limspace, or is potentially selected to enter this Limspace, are entirely unknown. Wanderers are simply advised to be cautious and get their affairs in order should they notice a sensation of unprompted and abnormal grief or dread overtaking them for a period of time longer than 48 hours.


Not only are there no known exits from this locale, but due to the fact that not a single wanderer has returned from this theorized Limspace, there may not be any exits from the Night at all.

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